Junaid Jamshed on Twitter: "With @Aamir_Khan and Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab  accompanied by Afridi. https://t.co/SyipeQZBoq"

remember when we all watched Satyam eva jayate , hosted by secular Aamir Khan . How amazed we were at the crusade of this humanitarian for highlighting social evils.

He did one episode on Casteism as well.


But Mr. Secular Aamir Khan did not highlight the equally sickening caste system and discrimination the exists in Islam, Christianity , Sikhism .




So Mr. Perefectionist , why did your team not research equally abhorrent caste based discrimination that plagues Muslims, Chiristians , Sikhs ? WHY ONLY target hinduism (as always) ?

No we don’t need any explanation . We know the answers . We know who you are , what you are all about and whom you serve .

Now let us discuss the other discrimination theat you purposely chose to not discuss or highlight.

In Hinduism, all Hindus go to the same temple. I am a Hindu woman who has been to thousands of temples all my life and I have NEVER been asked my caste , EVER . Maybe some random incident happens in some small town and that is highlighted, blown out of propotion and used for some opportunist caste leader to gain clout and become netas.

In Islam , all different sects have their own mosques and non sect muslims are not allowed to enter and pray .

In Islam and Christianity , all sects have their own place of worship and burial. Catholic church, Protestant Church , Orthodox Cemetry , Jacobite Cemetry , Sunni mosque, Shia Mosque , Shia graveyard, Sunni Graveyard etc.

In Islam women are not even allowed to go and pray inside the Mosque . Why not talk about that ? In Islam , Ahmediyyas who are considered Muslims as per Indian Law are repeateedly attacked , persecuted and harassed and called non muslims by others ?

Why not highlight Ahmediyyas discrimination ?Oh wait that won’t suit your Anti Hindu agenda . Oops , My bad.

As always , just selectively demean Hinduism, that is secularism for you.

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