Bharadwaj Speaks, a twitte handle presented a brilliant thread where he exposed the lie that believers of Sufism have always been historically tolerant. He brilliantly exposed and crumbled the myths of Sufism being tolerant and peaceful. Here is a brief look of the tweet thread he presented.

  1. Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani was greatest Sufi Saint of Kashmir. He imposed 20 mandatory commandments on Hindus of Kashmir. A Hindu could be could be kiIIed and his property confiscated if he violated any of these conditions.This law was strictly implemented for almost 500 years. The commandments were-
    A- The Hindus will not construct any temple under the territory of a Muslim ruler.
    B- Hindus will not reconstruct any temple that may fall or ruin
    C- Hindus will not prevent Muslim travellers from staying in their places of worship.
    D- They will receive any Muslim traveller in their house for 3 days and provide hospitality to him
    E- They will not harbour any spies and not act as spies themselves
    F- If any of their relation have any inclination towards Islam they will not prevent him from embracing Islam.
    G- They will respect Muslims.
    H- If they are holding a meeting and Muslims comes by they will respect the Muslim and respectfully receive him.
    I- They will not dress up like Muslims.
    J- They will not keep Muslim names.
    K- They will not ride a saddled horse.
    L- They will not carry any swords for bows and arrows.
    M- They will not wear rings with diamond.
    N- They will not openly cell intoxicating liquor.
    O- They will not abandon their traditional dress so that they can be distinguished from Muslims.
    P- They will not openly practice their customs in front of Muslims.
    Q- They will not feel their houses in front of the houses of Muslims
    R- They will not cremate their dead.
    S- They will not moon their dead loudly.
    T- They will not buy muslim slaves.
  2. The Sufi Shah Hamadan’s mosque was constructed after the destruction of Kali temple at the site which was called Mahashri. Even to this day, a Sindoor mark of the old temple and an old spring dedicated to the Goddess can be seen on the foundations of the mosque.
  3. Baharistan-I-Shahi, a 17th century Persian chronicle which praises Sufis of Kashmir , gloats that Hamadan built his mosque on top of a Hindu temple.
  4. According to Tarikh I Kashmir, Sufi Hamadani asked the Brahman of the Kali temple to recite Shahada and give up Hinduism (“idolatry”).The Brahman refused to chant Shahada. Enraged, Sufi Hamadani cut the Brahman’s tongue along with his Janeu.Both were put on public display.

It was the followers of Sufism who were responsible for the Noah Khali incident where thousands of Hindus were butchered, raped and forcefully converted. Sufism also had an upper hand over Calcutta killings and Moplah Genocide.Sufism is not distinct from Islam and comes under the Sharia law which categorically states it’s hatred towards non muslims. It should be noted that the attitude of Sufism towards blasphemy is way too much violent than others. Sufism covers its hatred and venom against non muslims with a garb of the term “peacefulness”.

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