Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Mr. Mike Schroepfer has announced to step down from his position after spending 13 years of his life with big tech giant Facebook Inc. He is known for his work on artificial intelligence at facebook. Particularly, he gained attention amid the social media network’s attempt to address the “proliferation of false, misleading, and inappropriate content within the platform.” Now he steps down from his position.

In one of the tweet made my Mr. Mike Schroepfer in his official Twitter handle he said that “After 13 years at FB, I’ve decided to step down as CTO and pass the baton to @boztank at some point in 2022. I will stay on as long as it takes to ensure a successful leadership transition.”

According to sources, Still after stepping down from the position of CTO he will work with facebook as a new part-time “senior fellow” role, helping with recruiting technical talent and developing the company’s artificial intelligence initiatives. Followed by this Mr. Andrew Bosworth, will take over as CTO according to an internal message on Wednesday from Mr. CEO Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

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