Fake farmer protests have been in the news for a while. They have ZERO agenda or solutions but they simply want the government of India to repeal newly introduced farm laws – which is NOT happening.

So why are these fake farmers still protesting instead of working in their fields?

Fake farmer protests are just an excuse for showing machismo and hosting parties

These guys are living it up, no doubt. Everything from pizza parties to all-night entertainment, including foot massages and only god knows what else type of massages.

A real farmer would be concerned about missing work and his fields going dry but these fake losers are sitting in protest with no real agenda except protesting for the sake of protesting. Why? Because they have been paid to do so.

Protesters are Sexually Harassing Women

These protesters are giving real farmers a bad name. A reporter, Preeti Choudhary says “Our farmers have already etched themselves in world history..but they would be doing themselves the biggest disfavour by letting a sizeable chunk of depraves to sexually harass reporters..our own team has enough incidents to report ..those in solidarity need to call this out too!”

One guy named Bhupender Chaudhry who belongs to the failed Indian National Congress party justified the sexual harassment by blaming the reports and calling them ‘”news hungry.”

Preeti in turn tweeted “Don’t want to give a ‘bite’ don’t give it .. but refrain from pinching her bottom..Amazing that we choose to hide behind whataboutery..”

As usual, the fake woke feminists and B grade “actresses” have nothing to say about the matter.

Government Intervention

While peaceful protest is a right of every citizen in a democracy, the protestors don’t have the right to disrupt regular lives of citizens. Sexual harassment and assaults on women by protestors is NOT a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Therefore, this is a ripe opportunity for the Government to intervene and protect female citizens on the premises.

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