History is proof that whenever people doubted the King, the Kingdom fell; and whenever the King got unconditional support from his people, the kindgom prospered and enemies destroyed. Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of Bharat since 2014, not only the political scenario, narrative, priorities and perspective of people changed, but also all the anti-national elements started getting exposed. In the process, they observed the growing Dharmic awakening and some leftists organizations already planted some moles in Hindutva ecosystem which react to every decision or silence of Team Modi calling it cowardice, questing the 56″ chest, etc to create anti-Modi mood among fickle-minded woke Hindus. That’s the trap laid out by the cabal one should never fall into.

Modi Rollbacks Farm Laws

If anyone thinks that Modi bowed down, 56″ got scared, Modi disappointed or agitators won and this is a humiliating defeat for Modi, it only means that you don’t understand Modi right now.

This is Modi,ā€¦Narendra Damodardas Modi,ā€¦He did not come to enjoy power, he did not come to rule, he did not come to earn wealth, he did not come to enrich his family. He has come to neutralize the conspiracies of the anti-national forces going on in this country, he has come to protect your future generations, to save them from the attack of the lurking Ghazwa-e-Hind’s snake.

When the lion pulls back two steps, it does not do this work out of fearā€¦ rather wildlife experts call it an ambush to hunt of the lionā€¦ now whose hunt will be, where and how it will beā€¦ Time will tell. It is hiddenā€¦ what will be Modi’s next stepā€¦.. Whose neck will be measuredā€¦ Just in this affair the opposition is speaking very carefullyā€¦ Only remembering its old things.

Civil Unrest & Weak Hindu Society

In Israel, the Palestinian population had come on the streets, so the citizens there could not sit on the trust of their countrymen, they themselves came out on the streets to teach a lesson to the traitors. Have the people here ever done this? No.

Modi knows this, and had to make this move as Hindus still not awakened enough to fight back on ground with the anarchist asuras!

What did the righteous samaaj do after the Jihadis and Khalistanis created violent protests – the notorious ones like Red Fort..Lakhimpur and Singhu border that threaten the integrity, identity of our nation?

As far as the thinking behind this decision, surely there’s hidden information about some conspiracy of movement of Khalistani gangs. Large scale bloodbath via civil unrest was planned just before UP and Punjab elections in the name of farm law protests which needs to be stopped. The Jihadi, Naxal, Kangi gang led by Sonia Gandhi has gone down to some extent and wants to defame the country and Modi in the world on one hand by forcing the government to use force, and on the other hand, between the public and Modi. Wants to break the relationship of belongingness. This is the only option left of this poisonous species to return to power. At the moment know that all that is seen does not happen and what is not seen, that is what happens in Modi Raj. Dates are proof of that – make no mistake about it!

Modi also knows this, recognizes our reality and hence took the decision that snatched away the keys of protests in the first place!

Modi Consistently Outplays The Powerful Anti-Bharat Lobby

In 67 years, the enemy was made so powerful by the traitors of the country that before dealing directly with them, a long-term strategy has to be made, one has to think far. Before the final blow on the enemy, it has to be weakened.

This is Dharma Yuddh.

Modi is fighting for the protection of Sanatan Dharma and Bharatiyas in general. In this process, some of his decisions will certainly appear dwarf in the hallmark of a quick process, but remember, Modi knows how to see beyond the damage.

However, after today’s decision, the opposition and the media together are trying to mislead the public by spreading the narrative of a well thought out agenda of defeating Modiā€¦.you should not get trapped in thatā€¦.Regarding Modiā€¦. so know that it is impossible for any fanatic to understand Modi.. If anyone can understand Modi, then he is only Modi. Don’t get caught in the elusive web of oppositionā€¦.don’t lose your temper. It is that weapon, by which till date you have not only shattered the conspiracies of the country and the anti-religionists but have also hunted them. Punishment and discrimination everything is going onā€¦!!

Modi thinks 10 steps ahead of his enemies and 100 steps ahead of his followers.

Political Strategy

Elections are going to be held in 5 states in the next few months, there is no doubt that the opposition and fake agitationists have put all their efforts in the last one year to mislead the farmers, and to some extent in Punjab in their conspiracy. Seemed to be successful too!

There are elections in 5 states and it is very important to win Punjab because there under the guise of Khalistani farmers movement, the general public is tricking the youth, sowing seeds of hatred against the nation, BJP and Modi in their mind!

This decision of Modi government is a well thought out decision, the opposition together with the foreign forces put full emphasis and Modiji changed the time, changed the emotion, changed the life in a single second!

Along with us, the opposition also thought that the Modi government will never back down, and it will get its benefit in the elections!

With the help of Captain in Punjab, BJP will go to this election and win, it is very important to secure Punjab! Without power in hand forget about fighting enemies!!

Secondly, under the guise of this movement, all Khalistani traitors who were anti-national, action is also being taken by identifying them! NIA is already in action by registering a case against 5 Khalistanis!

Withdrawing Farm Laws will definitely boost the morale of hyper-Hindu leftists planted anti-Modi moles, but this masterstroke has snatched the election issue from the opposition!

Also, timing is key!

Kharif crop is sold, rabi crop is mid March so agents which is congressi will not be able to make money for election but they can’t protest and in the last 12 months they are already squeezed to last drop.

Don’t look at his decisions in the mirror as knee jerk reactions. Count on it. Modi will give the last blow.

Jai Hind!

Sources: https://t.me/dgpindia , https://t.me/joinchat/ZAAUyC_usqQxZTU9

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