The Centre had recently passed a new farm bill which came into effect from September 27, 2020. The first law is related to the Agriculture Produce Markets Committee (APMC). Under this law, farmers will be able to sell their crops to other buyers besides government mandis. It also gives the provision of selling their produce in other states. More interestingly it allows the farmers to sell their produce online. But the protesting farmers argue that the central government wants to end the current system of minimum support price. 

Due to this bill, the revenue earned by the states in the form of market fees will drop drastically. About 13 per cent of the total revenue earned by the Punjab government comes from these mandis. There is also an argument that this will bring an end to middlemen in the mandis.

There are two more bills but the farmers are mainly concerned about the Agriculture Produce Markets Committee (APMC).

The farmers fear that this bill will end the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of their produce guaranteed by the government every year.


Due to wrong interpretation of bill by leftists farmers from mostly Punjab and Haryana had blocked the roads and railway tracks to press the Centre to repeal these laws. Under the aegis of various farmers’ bodies, they have been demanding that the Centre make amendments to the Agricultural Bills (Farm Bills 2020) or repeal them. 


The Whole nation stood witness to the farmersā€™ stir, one of the protestors threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was caught on camera by the reputed media house. This incident has led to suspicion about external elements hijacking what could have been a peaceful farmersā€™ agitation with the back support of anti-BJP political parties.

Clearly, this kind of threatening remark canā€™t be made by a simple farmer. This is the language of the Khalistan extremists, and now this incident points to their involvement in the farmersā€™ agitation.

Pro Khalistan slogans written on Delhi Metro construction agencies

The anti-India elements are constantly trying to malign India at the international diaspora which can weaken India stance at UN as it is in the race to get membership of UN security council.

Yesterday pro Khalistan slogans were also written on the metro construction sites in national capital which is an alarming situation for intelligence agencies.
This year also marks the Referendum 2020 which is backed by Pakistan ISI.

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