The global network of rabid evangelical missionaries with the aide of their fronts in India brazenly transfer foreign funds which is used for illegal conversions to Christianity through fraud, force, allurement and coercion.

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO), which tracks FCRA violations and illegal conversions using foreign funds has reported that The New Apostolic Church South India got Rs.40.66 Crores from abroad and used it illegally for preaching Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptizing people to Christianity. The organisation openly boasts about converting several people to Christianity in its website. The LRO complained about the FCRA violations and use of foreign funds for illegal conversions to the Ministry Of Home Affairs.

The LRO in its complaint stated that the evangelist organisation has declared that 17 souls have been seized in Ichpur congregation, Bidar district. It claims that Jesus’ blessing was so abundant that 13 souls received the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing.

The LRO stated that the donors for this nefarious evangelist organisation hail from Canada, Germany and Switzerland. One of the donors, named New Apostolic Church, West Germany recorded in its official website about one of the many Missionaries working for this NGO, named Christranjan Nanda whose area of operation stretches across six District Rector Areas (DRA) in Odisha and Chhattisgarh.

Christranjan Nanda is quoted in an interview, “I work in the most challenging areas where we encounter ‘Naxalites’. These are groups who violently try to protect their jungles from industrialization and political interference.”

The website adds that, the New Apostolic Church attaches importance to open and constructive relations with governments, public authorities, and religious denominations. It claims to be politically neutral and its activity conforms to the laws of the native country.

These statements in the website of New Apostolic Church is based on the premise that the state authorities must follow the divine commandments and be measured according to its edicts.

The New Apostolic Church also expects its members to be law abiding and fulfil the civic duties of their country as long as they are in harmony with the divine commandments. The Church openly commands its followers that if any laws of any country in which they reside are contrary to the divine beliefs be it sane or fanatic, the followers are to bypass the laws of such countries to uphold the Church’s divine ideology!

Thus the Church not only brazenly indulges and funds brazen conversions, but also exhorts its followers to break the law of the land if it does not adhere to the Church’s sense of divine rules.

The evangelical Church with impunity thus first converts marginalized sections of society to Christianity and after conversions easily manipulates the converts to defy their native country’s laws according to the bidding of Churches situated in Germany, Canada and Switzerland under the garb of submission to divine extra-terrestrial laws.

Thus we can see these evangelist organisations invoking Jesus to make the local Christian converts to break their local laws and even indulge in violent protests and armed revolution. Thus these evangelist organisations have close nexus with the Naxalites and Maoists in Odisha, Chhattisgarh and other places through which they incite the converted people to rebel against their own government and country leading to secessionist tendencies.

It is hoped that the LRO’s complaint to the Ministry of Home Affairs is taken seriously and acted upon as it concerns not only serious FCRA violations, but also more worrying national security ramifications.

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