We all saw the images of Dia Mirza’s wedding where a lady pujari ji was conducting the rituals. All feminazis (finally) had an orgasm. They all gloated over smashing patriarchy Hinduism has always had Female panditains , pujaris.

I have never seen a female Maulvi doing a nIkah or a female priest conducting a Christian wedding. NEVER EVER .

So why don’t our feminists who cry hoarse over Sindoor and Mangalsutra ever question as to why other religions do not have women religious officials? HYPOCRICY MUCH ?

Oh wait , if they will call out Islam or Christianity, then you will be termed Islamophobic, Anti minority, Fatwas of “sar Tan se Zuda ” , police FIR will be done by and like very other WOKE, SECULAR, LIBERAL, Freedom of Expression Warrior, you will be forced to withdraw your statements, issue apology (and then go back to talking about Hindutva Fascism ) .

And dear Fake Environment activists, fake feminists, you were born to a Christian father and adopted by a Muslim stepfather, so these issues are all the more personal to you . You should talk about them , why only as always target hinduism ?
So here I am exposing all your FAKE FEMINISM, Fake Activism for all and sundry.

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