The government has sought public comments on the draft Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill 2021. Lets analyze the highlights of the Bill and how it will help control the Jihadi elements in movie industry and why film fraternity is against it. The Govt. has done more reforms in Tribunals, lets me also list them as how they will help clean the Bollywood.

  1. Prohibition of un-authorized recording: The draft proposes a jail term up till 3 years and fine up till Rs. 10L as punishment for piracy. In most cases, the illegal recording start from movie halls and there are no enabling provisions in the Cinematograph Act, 1952 for preventing Piracy. Please note, the piracy is a big source of income for the underworld.
  2. Revisionary powers to Govt: The amendment will allow the Centre “revisionary powers” and will enable it to “re-examine” films already cleared by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). We have seen that CBFC has cleared many anti-Hindu movies. With Govt. getting powers to review the movies, there will be reduction in the Jihadist nature in bollywood. But the Govt. should realize that say 10 years down the line the Congress comes back to power, then they could do exactly the opposite. Hence, Govt. should ensure that CBFC becomes impartial. This step could well become a double edged sword.
  3. Abolition of Appellate Tribunal: Once CBFC decides on a movie, the decision could be appealed in the Appellate Tribunal. It is proposed to abolish this tribunal and the appeal would go to High Court. What will happen? Indian Judiciary is viewed as neutral, hence they would be more impartial than Tribunals (whose judges are appointed by the ministry). Hence, with High Court coming to picture, the movie industry cannot influence them and hence the Jihadi elements would remain in check. Though no one speaks much about this, this is nonetheless a very important step.
  4. Eternal certificate: The draft proposes to certify films for perpetuity. Currently a certificate issued by the CBFC is valid only for 10 years. This would reduce the expenses for the movie producers, and also the corruption that may be happening in the process.
  5. Age Based certification: Earlier the movies were rates as U, A, U/A and R. Now the movies will contain tags like U/A 7+, U/A 16+ etc. The numbers mean the people above the age can watch the movie.

I feel, the steps #1 to #3 will play a great role in controlling Jihadis in Bollywood. Hence, we can see that movie fraternity is mostly up against provisions #1 to #3.

However, the #2 step should be used for limited period and the powers given to Govt should withdrawn by further amendment, it is like a medicine which should be used for limited period, not for ever.

#4 and #5 would help movie producers are general public respectively.


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