As the Hathras gangrape story is unfolding, we are slowly realizing how the Jihadi media presented all the fake news and tried to divide the Hindus burning the whole state of Uttar Pradesh. This Hathras case is now slowly unfolding to be the case of honor killing. However, when I try to tune in to the news channels with less propaganda on this issue, I have very few options to tune in.

There are very few news channels which are reporting the brutal murders done by the love jihadists after luring the Hindu girls for Islamic conversion. The rape cases in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and other states are alarming. Still, when I try to open the newspapers, magazines, news channels, I find only one propaganda case being discussed that is Hathras instead of many actual rape cases happened and happening at the same time.

What does this indicate? This indicates that this is the information age. And, the leftist media groups funded by Islamists have flooded the information and content market. This is the war of content. One who will have more content and information will win the war. Therefore we need to create more information, media, and content resources. 

Let us create more websites, blogs, media channels, youtube channels, social media channels, magazines, newspapers to counter the narrative of Islamic leftist media groups. I am a professional from India’s best management college and am now frustrated when I see the propaganda stories everywhere. Therefore, I am open to working with any media group with the ideology of truth and patriotism. Get in touch with me on my twitter handle @Awasthi_jee if you want to work with me to transform the paradigm of whole Indian Media. 

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