A major fire broke in the night of 14/Oct/2020. Flat #J802 tenant car was parked inside the parking and the fire broke at around 1 am. A resident of tower J noticed the fire and informed the security personnel. Fire Fighting systems including fire hydrants, hose reel system, sprinkler system were not installed in this facility. There were 2-3 fire extinguishers and were used by the staff present at that time.

The fire was so massive that the entire electric cable of the parking burnt down. There could have been a major disaster due to the lack of firefighting equipment.

BPTP had started handing over the flats of five of the nine towers since the beginning of this year.

The basic infrastructure is such poor that the smoke entered the flats of J Tower. 2 little children and mother, the residents of first-floor of J tower were sleeping and smoke entered their flat. The father was on night duty and when he came home at around 2am, he saw them unconscious. He somehow managed to pull them out of the flat and took them to the garden. THEY SURVIVED, THANKS TO KRISHNA!

Of the 9 towers, 5 towers possessions are being offered without the basic safety, security, facilities such as firefighting equipment. 4 towers A, B L and M are pending constructions.

The shafts of the towers are open and have resulted in huge danger as the smoke went inside the flats.

The homebuyers of BPTP Discovery Park are requesting CM ML Khatter to intervene and support. Tower A, B, L & M are incomplete for the last 9 years. All the amenities that were promised is still incomplete.

We demand CM Khatter to thoroughly investigate the incident and punish the Builder for their negligence in installing the fire-fighting system before giving possession of the 5 towers.

We sincerely thank Kapil Mishra ji for supporting the residents and homebuyers as they had been suffering for a decade with NO support from the administration of Haryana.

Car completely burnt in the fire
Condition of the parking roof as the fire was massive
Staff on the ground helping with fire extinguisher
9 years and homebuyers are still waiting for their dream homes
9 years and homebuyers are still waiting for their dream homes, another pic
9 years and homebuyers are still waiting for their dream homes, another pic


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