The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which is aggressively campaigning for the Gujarat Assembly elections, has been surrounded by the ‘self-goal’ of its own leaders. Earlier, the controversial oath of former Delhi minister Rajendra Pal Gautam created problems for the party, now in Gujarat, the words of the party’s chief Gopal Italia for PM Modi have given a new weapon to the BJP. After the video of Italia calling PM Modi ‘neech’ went viral, BJP made it a big issue. The BJP has termed it as an insult to the PM and an abuse of his caste. According to political experts, it will not be easy for ‘AAP’, which is telling itself ahead of the Congress in the fight with the BJP in Gujarat, to get out of these two traps. The BJP is adept at converting the words used against PM Modi to its advantage and has at times reversed the course of the entire election.

Protest over Gautam’s oath, minister had to leave the chair

People taking Buddhist initiation in Delhi were administered the oath of not worshiping Ram-Krishna in the presence of Delhi government minister Rajendra Pal Gautam, then BJP did not delay in making it an issue. Of. The very next day, poster-banners were put up in many cities against Kejriwal, who arrived in Gujarat for campaigning. They were portrayed as anti-Hindu by showing them in Muslim garb. In Vadodara, during the road show, slogans were raised against Kejriwal at many places. People also raised slogans of Modi-Modi in front of him. Kejriwal responded to the BJP by being aggressive instead of being defensive, but as damage control, Gautam had to resign as a minister. It is said that Arvind Kejriwal had expressed his displeasure.

Now the party stuck on Gopal Italia’s video

AAP did not come out of a mess that another trouble was in its throat. BJP leaders started sharing a video of Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat President Gopal Italia from Sunday, in which he is calling PM Modi a ‘neech type of man’. The party has kept silence on his statement, so Italia himself came forward and tried to explain. He indirectly admitted that he used foul language. However, playing the caste card, he said that being from the village, his language might be wrong. Gopal also indirectly admitted that the video is old, which the BJP is now making an issue of.

BJP made a weapon, reminded Mani Shankar

BJP has made Gopal Italia’s video a weapon. BJP has surrounded ‘AAP’ and its convener Arvind Kejriwal, linking it with the caste of PM Modi. The BJP has also reminded him of Mani Shankar Aiyar, how he too had used similar words for the PM and the Congress had to bear the loss in the last Gujarat elections. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “The result of Mani Shankar Aiyar’s language was that the Congress was completely destroyed in Gujarat. Everyone has seen the condition of Congress in the entire country. Today Arvind Kejriwal is using the exact same type of language.” Patra said, “Today it would not be wrong to say that there is no difference between Mani Shankar Aiyar and Arvind Kejriwal, language level of both.

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