The dust has not fully settled on drug allegations on Khan Jr. He has just gotten a bail. Point to note is that is that, getting a bail just means that (s)he wont stay in jail. It doesn’t mean the accused is declared not guilty. We saw the support, sympathy the young man (he should be called a man, men of the same age sacrifice their lives on borders). Technically, the man is accused of possessing and consuming drugs and violates the law of the land.

Let me list the 5 ways Bollywood is harming not only Indian society or the Hindus, but is a black scar for the entire of mankind.

  1. Murderous Bollywood: We frequently keep hearing many new and talented actors and actresses committing suicide. Have you heard any dynast committing suicide? Why? The reason is simple, the nepotism has become entrenched in bollywood, that it becomes extremely difficult for any outsider to place his/her feet. If the person is extraordinarily talented and is threatening any dynast (who is typically blessed by the big daddy sitting in Dubai or Karachi), his days are numbered.
  2. Nepotistic Bollywood: The few dynasties have formed cartels. These kids from these families get the first choice irrespective of their talent. The Bollywood criticizes casteism in Hindus, but the level casteism in practiced in Bollywood is unprecedented. Such is a culture is extremely dangerous for any industry to be competitive.
  3. Underworld driven Bollywood: It is an open secret that the underworld dug, smuggling mafia has taken over Bollywood and they exert the fullest control over the industry. In nutshell, the Industry has come under the control of the hardcore and deplorable criminal forces of the world. Refer
  4. Anti-Hindu Bollywood: Have you watched the movie PK? corruption in Hindu temples is highlighted. Yes, there is corruption in Hindu temples, no one denies that. But do you know, corruption in Wakf boards far out pass the corruption in Hindu temples? Not a single movie made on that.
  5. Super State Bollywood: The Bollywood has become a state by itself. The way entire Bollywood cartel came out in defense of the Prince is deplorable. The Celebrations on his release is not the symptom a society ruled by law. Murders, Drug cartels, Underworld funding are flourishing since decades without check.

It is therefore important that we as citizens discipline Bollywood by straight boycotting the movies, thereby striking at the core financial backbone of the Bollywood. We need to press the Government to make suitable amendments in the laws so that Bollywood sheds its anti-nationalist tendencies.

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