A circular issued on March 26th by the government of Union Territory of Jammu And Kashmir has made it mandatory for flying of the national tricolour on all government buildings and offices for the first time since independence.

The circular emphasised, “It is impressed upon all District/Sectoral Heads/Tehsil/Block level officers to ensure that National Flag is flown on all Government offices/buildings across the district within 15 days positively”.

Owing to the fact that the Union Government had in August 2019, neutralised Article370 of the Constitution of India, which resulted in abrogation of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir and provision of special flag for the erstwhile state.

Article 370 was a temporary provision which provided for a special status for J&K, which gave impetus to secessionist tendencies and gave birth to Islamic jihad trying to sever the state from India, in the name of religious sponsored by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

This move of the government of Jammu and Kashmir under Governor’s rule would reinforce the much needed nationalist spirit in Jammu and Kashmir. The Kashmir based Muslim political parties of J&K be it the Adbullahs run NC or the Muftis run PDP who have ruled J&K till 2018 have been brazenly sowing the seeds of secessionism and crushing nationalist spirit in Kashmir’s youth and children.


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