The hegemony and Fascism of communists in mainstream national media and regional news channels is a well known fact where views contrary to their ideology is crushed and not allowed to be aired. Their dominance is so gripping that people in the field of academics in social sciences and media can kiss their jobs a good bye if they do not confirm to the communist world view.

In a latest development in Kerala, Unni Balakrishnan, a senior journalist and Chief of News at the Mathrubhumi News channel has resigned after working in the channel for over nine years. The channel is owned by Lok Tantrik Janata Dal leader, MV Sreyasmskumar, an ally of the CPM ruling party in Kerala.

It is been reported that the channel’s management wanted Unni to run completely one-sided news favouring the CPM government and party in the news channel. It was getting increasingly difficult for the veteran journalist to function at the news channel so he decided to quit.

Matrubhumi was earlier rated in the top three Malayalam news channels. But with Janam TV entering the fray, its popularity slid down as Keralites for the first time got a more objective news content which was not Hinduphobic.

The management of the Matrubhumi channel wanted content which entirely supported the CPM government to get more popular rating due to the large non-Hindu, Muslim and Christian population which likes to watch programs abusing Hinduism, Hindu traditions and extremely acerbic of Modi and central government. Hence, Unni was perhaps asked to play to the anti-Hindu, anti-Modi jingoism like a mouth piece of the CPM, which he did not savour much and chose to resign. Unni resigned on 7th June which was accepted by the management with effect from 9th June, 2021.

So, the communists and their card carrying members in the mainstream media shouting freedom of press from roof tops, actually mean freedom to impose one-sided views on the public at large and crushing opposing views.

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