Sandeep Balakrishnan, the Director of India Fact Research Centre, redefined the term Fourth Generation Warfare in an online discussion on the Sangam Talks. It was in the context of intellectual and cultural aggression of the Marxist ecosystem on the societies around the world in general and on the Indian society in particular. Listening to this discussion was a sort of enlightenment for me. Having studied for 8 years in the Jawaharlal Nehru University, I knew somewhere deep down that everything is not right in the learning that is happening around me. The graffiti on the walls of JNU, the pamphlets distributed every evening in the hostel mess, the protest demos, the marches from Chandrabhaga to Ganga hostel and countless other activities were part of the general atmosphere in this hallowed university.

Being from a small town and having limited exposure to ideologies and political narratives it was a 180 degree change to my life which was amazing, to be honest, in the first few months for me. But slowly the discussions on the mess tables, lessons in the classrooms and arguments with the comrades started revealing the narrative beneath the outwardly free and open environment of the university. One would rarely hear the other side of the narrative which was being continuously dismissed with adjectives such as fascist, brahminical, sanghi, goon, lumpen and what not. Everything and anything, which was even remotely connected to the Sanatan Dharm and Bharat was derided and dismissed with the adjectives already mentioned above.

Suffocating as it was for me, and hundreds others like me; it is quite appreciated by those who fall for this narrative. The legitimacy of Indian State, and not the government of the day, is questioned and sought to be destroyed day in and day out. And the worrying aspect of all this hullabaloo is that most of those who reside in the campus end up, somewhere down the line, believing in many things which are propagated there, if not support it out in open. The narrative of caste oppression, which is no doubt a reality, is magnified to such an extent that many students become obsessed with this idea. They would find caste angle in each and every interaction of them with a person belonging to a so called upper caste person.

So when Sandeep Balakrishnan talked about the Fourth Generation Warfare it was kind of familiar to me without ever realizing it. Talking about it, in the context of a renewed focus on the JNU, in the background of Umar Khalid’s arrest it is interesting to observe that the same person was in the headline during the 2016 JNU controversy when anti-India sloganeering was done in the JNU campus. The same person was there during the Bhima-Koregaon violence and now he has been arrested for his active role in organising the Delhi Riots 2020.  While people like Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid are the face of this ‘student resistance’, there are thousands of such motivated and brainwashed youngsters around the country who hate the idea of Bharat from the core of their heart. And the curious aspect of this self-loathing, anti-India brigade is that they claim to do it out of love for their own country.

The question that begs the answer in such a condition is; how such a generation is being prepared in India?

The answer lies in the highly convoluted post World War II narratives of the communist ecosystem around the world. The advent of Cold War and consequent distrust, which the benign sounding Marxist ideology generated all around the world amongst the democratic countries, led to the metamorphosis of the bloodthirsty communist ideology into a high sounding academic discourse.  It has been successful in weakening these democratic societies from inside by brainwashing the successive generations. ‘Make love no war’ slogans of the counterculture movement in 1960s, the protest against its own country by the American students during the Vietnam-War, the Naxalbari movement and the subsequent violence perpetuated by the communist parties in India are the glaring examples of the continuous aggression of the USSR led communist world before the fall of Berlin Wall.

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But this aggression hasn’t stopped after the demise of the Iron Curtain from the Europe. On the contrary the communist ecosystem has taken much more complex and elusive forms in order to hide its real agenda and spread its tentacles surreptitiously. The yesteryear comrades became liberals of today and started talking about the post-modernism, feminist movements, sexual liberation, LGBT rights, intersectionality, minority rights, Islamophobia, and all the lofty ideas which are the smokescreens to hide their real agenda to deconstruct the cultural fabric of the democratic societies. The rigid binary of Capitalist class versus Proletariat class has been widened into a multitude of categories where the disadvantages suffered by each category are magnified and are provoked to turn each of them into an all time agitated mass of people who have problem with nearly every system around them. The family, the society, the institutions, the governments, the culture, the civilisation, the state and what so ever that can be linked to the real or imagined sufferings of that particular class of people.

In this way every democratic society is being hollowed out from inside to fill the imagination of the young people with anger, hate, disgust and revenge against the existing system. Their perception is being altered in such a subtle way that they don’t even realise the acculturation and brainwash they are going through by such an assault. The examples in this regard are ample. The anti-CAA protest that started in December 2019 from the Jamia Milia Islamia University of Delhi was followed by similar protests all around the country with an eerie similarity. The protests were all about an imaginary fear spun around the alleged anti-Muslim nature of the CAA. And suddenly from somewhere people started showing the ‘Free Kashmir’ placards in these protests, Amulya Leona chanted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ in an anti-CAA rally organised by AIMIM in Bengaluru. And there were countless other examples where the students were found taking stand against unrelated issue; protest for the sake of protest.

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This is this attitude ‘Protest for the sake of protest’ that is being inculcated systematically in students in the higher education institutions all around India. While the case of JNU has been discussed already, the other campuses are also being infested by using the similar tactics in order to prepare a generation which would hate everything related to India. Overemphasizing the social fault lines, one sided and unnecessary criticism of Indian traditions, ridiculing, even attacking vociferously, the idea of Nationalism are the tools used by the purveyors of this metamorphosed communism. The liberal-leftist nexus has changed its tactics and their frontline warriors now are the youngsters, the ‘woke’ generation which is moulded in such a way that it becomes the readymade tools in their hands to create further rifts in the society while exploiting the existing ones.

Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Sharjeel Imam, Hem Mishra, Devangana Kalita, Nathasha Narwal and many others are just a few names of this brainwashed generation; a generation which has been turned against its own country in the name of revolution and freedom. While few of them uses the high-sounding concept of Revolution and Freedom to hide their real skin, most of them are convinced about what they are doing, owing to the well crafted propaganda of which they are all victims.

In my last two articles I have discussed the menace of Islamic radicalisation and Christian missionary propaganda and how they are eating away the future of this country. The Fourth Generation Warfare, a new tool of the communist propaganda, is the third and the most dangerous of them all. The cloak of neutrality and rationality, under they which the communist hide their real faces of zealots, gives them a natural legitimacy attesting their non-religious credentials. The secularism and liberalism, of which they have established themselves as the flag bearers, gives them the constitutional authority. The multiple layers, under which the communist ecosystem functions, give them considerable protection from being attacked directly. Indeed along with Islamic Radicalisation and Christian Conversion mafia the communist ecosystem has become the cancer for the whole body politic of Bharat. The Indian state needs to face the challenge head on before this coalition of evil takes down our Rashtra to the path of Civil War.

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