It’s been a long time when the deadly corona virus had no medicine to cure the disease an Indian herbal medicine producing company named “Patanjali” with it’s researches on the virus, came up with a medicine against COVID-19 called “Coronil Kit”. From the very beginning after the successful launch of Coronil Kit in the market one NGO named Indian Medical Association (IMA) started putting questions against coronil kit.

First of all IMA says that it’s a national voluntary organisation of Doctors of modern scientific system of medicine in India, which looks after the interest of doctors. But, Patanjali is one of the Indian company that produces herbal medicines and it completely believes in Ayurveda which is one of the traditional method of curing diseases.

After the stunning launch of coronil kit by Patanjali there was a cold war started between IMA and Patanjali, which has now turned into a war at front foot. On one side Indian Medical Association (IMA) is providing safety certificate to foreign pharmacy goods for use in India which seems to be much much more beneficial to foreign capitalists. For example: A few months back in India IMA certified Immunity Boosting Hand Sanitizer belonging to foreign brand “Lifebuoy”. While on the other side Indian Medical Association (IMA) is openly opposing the herbal medicine made by Patanjali called “Coronil Kit” to fight against Covid – 19 which was made proudly in India. Here the question arises :

• How can a tasteless as well as non-edible material like hand sanitizer can boost the immunity of a human body ?
• What is so special about the foreign
pharmacy goods that IMA is desperately fighting for ?
• Why is IMA not thinking about production of the same pharmaceutical goods in india ?
• Should people of India start recognizing IMA as an Anti-India Organization ? If NO then why ?

Hope Mr. Chief IMA Dr. J.A Jayalal has courage in his spine to answer the above questions.

If both the organisations would have worked together we can expect it would have saved many lives but the so called “Medical Association” is busy in giving safety certificates to foreign pharmacy goods. It’s high time nation must not forgive those people who are involved in commercializing the basic needs that is the essential medicines during this deadly pandemic.

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