Durga Pujo Protima Étouffée’ 


  1. 1 historical image depiction of the Durga legend
  2. 1 popular local sculptor
  3. I social issue for seasoning


Boil down the legend’s history to its bare essence. Now carefully pluck out the social issue from other hot burning topics. The migrant labour issue was chosen for this process. Caramelise the hot burning topic with a ‘liberal’ dash of fresh ‘secularism’. The best ‘secularism’ can be found in home grown ‘convent’ schools. Now add the caramel to the distilled essence and marinate it in Che Guevara. 

Plate it on popular Bengali culture. Serve hot with a chutney of local sculptor’s fame. Garnish with a Marxist sprig from the dying rain forests of Brazil.

    This fusion maybe an acquired taste for some. Puritans might find it unsavoury. They might ask unpalatable questions like what and why did the sacred feminine become an arts and crafts competition. They might say that the mystical and divine feminine traditions of Bengal are getting trivialised in this process. That ancient rituals are evaporating to the point of extinction in this reduction.

What do they know.

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