First, just like many in India do not understand that Gandhi was secular, people outside of India who have little clue consider Gandhi to be Indian, and Hindu. Such uninformed people have no idea about secular vs. unsecular business which is rampant within India. Therefore, violence inflicted on statues of those considered Indians and Hindus is indeed #Hinduphobia, #Hindumissia for the sake of sound argument.

Hatred of Hindus is a Global Sport

Second, another statue of Gandhi has been vandalized, and this time it happened in super ‘woke’ Davis, California.

The statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was installed in the town of Davis, a tiny community in California on October 2nd, 2016.

The City Council – local governing body of Davis – approved the installation of the $22,000 bronze statue and the funding came from the Indian-American community. 

Gandhi Statue Decapitated From Head To Ankles

On 28th of January, pictures of Gandhi’s statue in Davis Central Park, emerged on the internet showing the statue’s head being decapitated the rest of the body severed from the ankles up. Gandhi’s head was also cut in half.


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