Lots of us have seen this on TV and films – Mosques collecting money for j!had. However, this time the Pakistani political party Awami National Party seems to have taken a stance against collecting monies by mosques in the name of supporting the Afghan Taliban. Most of us know that the Afghan Taliban may not be one, complete entity though we also know that the hardliner Taliban operating in Afghanistan are supported by #GayaPakistan. Pakistan’s proxy war in Afghanistan is well-known to most who are paying attention to the murky politics of the region and it is no surprise that mosques collecting money to wage jihad is now out in the open, yet again.

““Pakistan mosques collecting donations for Afghan Taliban: Opposition Party,” ANI, June 10, 2021:

Pakistan opposition party Awami National Party (ANP) on Tuesday said that mosques were collecting donations for Afghan Taliban and asked the government to act swiftly to end the practice.

Speaking at condolence reference arranged at Bacha Khan Markaz to pay homage to Sadruddin Marwat, the party’s former provincial spokesman, ANP provincial president Aimal Wali Khan disclosed about the collection of donations, reported Dawn.

He said the people who were advocating for recognition of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Afghanistan could not be called as friends of Pakhtuns.

Aimal Wali claimed that though Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and Jamaat-i-Islami were not allies in the government they were taking dictation from the same source, reported Dawn.”

Source: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2021/06/pakistan-mosques-collecting-donations-for-afghan-taliban

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