Few incidents that occurred after the Kerala’ local body elections results were declared

Soon after BJP won Palakkad there seems to be unrest in Kerala, Communist’s were flabbergasted with BJP’s performance in Hindu Majority area’s having said that it was time for Communist party goons to vent out their frustration so there was heinous attack’s on BJP workers the moment BJP starting faring well compared to Che Guevara’ party in few Hindu majority area.

It was not too late before Kerala police registered a complaint and booked BJP workers for unfurling the flex which had “JAI SRI RAM” written on it with photo of Shivaji Maharaj from terrace of the Palakkad Municipal Corporation building citing ‘An attempt to destroy communal harmony’

Yes that’s right Jai Sri Ram Flex will destroy communal harmony but the noise pollution caused by Creepy loudspeakers everyday at 4:30 AM to tell you allah is the only god will stabilize communal harmony, Sure thank you.

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