Delhi Police revealed that a preliminary investigation into the ‘toolkit’ inadvertently shared by Swedish juvenile climate activist Greta Thunberg showed that it was authored by a pro-Khalistan organisation in Canada as reported by Business Today.

According to Delhi police the toolkit was prepared by ‘Poetic Justice Foundation’, a pro-Khalistani outfit co-founded by Mo Dhaliwal.

Delhi Police filed an FIR against the makers of the ‘toolkit’ shared unwittingly by Greta Thunberg which contained a detailed guidelines to be followed by global participants to bring the Indian government to its knees under the garb of support to the motivated so-called farmers’ protests at Delhi borders.

Praveer Ranjan, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police said, “We haven’t named anybody in the FIR, its only against the creators of toolkit which is a matter of investigation and Delhi Police will be investigating that case.”

The ‘Tool Kit’ is a detailed PowerPoint presentation of numerous insidious tasks aimed at undermining India’s sovereignty by imposing a global pressure to scrap laws passed by Indian Parliament.

The toolkit exhorted people worldwide to organise on-ground action in front of the nearest Indian embassies, called for an “unified global disruption in the diaspora on January 26” and “repeal of farm laws”. The tool kit also directed participants to create Tweet Storms and sign petitions to all heads of the states, UN organisations etc. by portraying Indian government as a police state suppressing genuine farmers and aiding corporates to loot farmers.

It contained links to three online petitions-first one by the Kisan Ekta Morcha on abolishing three farm laws, second one by Mo Dhaliwal-founded Poetic Justice Foundation on ‘The Delhi Pogrom’ and the third one by an anonymous account seeking the support of British MPs.

Greta’s post containing the Tool Kit was later deleted by her as she realised that she has inadvertently revealed the pre-scripted global outrage manufacturing plan of her Khalistani handlers. But by then several netizen had taken screenshots of her post and it went viral on social media.

Government Reacted Sharply Against the Tool Kit

Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways General (Dr.) VK Singh wrote in a Facebook post, “The deleted post of Greta Thunberg has revealed the real designs of a conspiracy at an international level against India. Need to investigate the parties which are pulling the strings of this evil machinery. Instructions were laid out clearly as to the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘what’. Conspiracies at this scale often get exposed and ultimately it took the hasty tweet of Greta, who with other international celebrities suddenly turned sensitive towards farmers’ issues.”

A senior government official stated, “The documents shared mistakenly by Greta shows how tweets by Rihanna and others weren’t organic and were part of a larger campaign to malign India. This makes it important to see all such statements/tweets by important people in India and abroad in the context of the planned and pre-scripted campaign.”

Foreign celebrities joined in the melee to express their contrived solidarity towards ongoing farmers agitations.

Canada-based Khalistani outfit Poetic Justice Foundation ( the author of the Tool Kit) had tweeted, “Last few days, we’ve seen a lot of global support for the farmers of India facing legislated and physical violence. We ask everyone for one post using #AskIndiaWhy #FarmersProtest and tag a celebrity, politician or influencer. We’re stronger together.”

Notably, the Khalistanis had also managed to whip up support from pop singer Rihanna, lawyer and niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, Meena Harris, Lilly Singh, comedian Hasan Minhaj, 9-year old climate activist Licypriya Kangujam and Instagram influencer Rupi Kaur.

Skyrocket, a PR firm owned by Mo Dhaliwal reportedly paid $ 2.5 Million to Rihanna for her tweet on farmers protests. Notably, Dhaliwal is a Khalistani supporter who is also close to Canadian leader Jagmeet Singh, well known for his brazen Khalistani ideology eulogizing Khalistani terrorists of Punjab who massacred thousands of innocent Hindu men, women and young children by bomb blasts in 1980s and 90s.

So, the global movement in support of the fake farmers protests is just a sham propaganda by vested interests inimical to India’s growth and development.

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