Even though the people of the country have rejected the Congress party and one of the major reasons is appeasement politics that it’s been carrying out for decades, the attachment of the Congress is not able to understand the mindset of the public. In another instance, the politics of appeasement of Congress has come to the fore.

Jagdish Thakor, the president of the Gujarat Congress, has actually made an effort to explain the party’s position on a certain class. Jagdish Thakor had stated two days prior that minorities had the first claim to the nation’s treasury. The backlash to this pro-Muslim appeasement statement has already begun. At the Congress office in Ahmedabad, Bajrang Dal employees scrawled “Haj House” on July 21. Additionally, the Congress office was covered in green banners and stickers. On them was engraved, “Hajj House.” Rajiv Gandhi’s statue also has a sticker with a similar message on it. Additionally, the posters of Congressmen outside the office have been vandalized.

According to media sources, Thakor stated that minorities had first access to the nation’s property and vault while speaking at a goodwill meeting held in Ahmedabad. In his speech, Thakor also made reference to former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s remarks. He had said that “Manmohan Singh, the former prime minister of this nation, had remarked that minorities have the first claim to India’s purse. Regarding Danke’s injury, the country’s Congress Prime Minister spoke. Congress is aware of the harm its statement has brought about.”

Thakor said he would insist that the Congress leadership release a manifesto for Muslims as well in his plea to the Muslim community to support the Congress in the upcoming elections. Regardless of whether it is in power or not, he continued, “The Congress has always sided with the minorities and will never change its ideology.”

Not only that, but he additionally pledged to build homes for Gujarat’s Muslims, telling them to “write down their names wherever there are slums in minority districts in Ahmedabad and bring a Congress administration. Congress will furnish the 10-story structure with kitchens and rooms within a year.

Meanwhile, Gujarat will hold assembly elections this year, which has caused all political parties to start putting up extra effort. However, Congress is once again attempting to win over the minorities in Gujarat by caving into the temptation of appeasement and failing miserably.

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