Holding a “Rent-a-cause” placard is neither campaigning nor politics and definitely not journalism.

So Gurmehar Kaur does it again, what she is best at – Drama and Lying

She is completing Graduation and now needs a job but she decided to post it on Twitter with a fake profile.

She has mentioned, Four year experience in Politics, Journalism and campaigning – seriously? Where exactly ? In a parallel universe ? Somewhere beyond the solar system? Inside some secret unknown madarasa?

Such blatant lie on a social media platform about a job application? This can only be compared with fake profiles people put on Shadi.Com or on dating sites, you don’t do that in your job applications.

All Gurmehar Kaur has done in last four years is tweeting against Indian Army, publicly displayed her affection for Islamic Terrorism and allowed herself to be used as a placard holder for “Rent-a-cause” industry.

Here is the funny tweet that she has put about herself on Twitter

Lying for a job is not unusual, In fact, a new survey revealed that :

A whopping 58% of hiring managers have caught job applicants being dishonest on their resumes.

So, yes, lying on your resume will certainly help you stand out — but for all the wrong reasons.

Here are some of the most ridiculous and unusual lies hiring manager said they’ve ever caught on a resume: 

  • Applicant included job experience that was actually his father’s. Both father and son had the same name (one was Sr., one was Jr.).
  • Applicant claimed to be the assistant to the prime minister of a foreign country that doesn’t have a prime minister. 
  • Applicant claimed to have been a high school basketball free throw champion. He admitted it was a lie in the interview.
  • Applicant claimed to have been an Olympic medalist. 
  • Applicant claimed to have been a construction supervisor. The interviewer learned the bulk of his experience was in the completion of a doghouse some years prior.

May be Gurmehar Kaur will make to such list sooner.

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