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This is an old article posted at my other blog Khullamkhulla Live in April, 2020. The article remains relevant even today in the light of what happened in Delhi on 26th January 2021 and thus I felt the need to recirculate it.

It has turned Hindus into second-rate citizens. They are being mocked at. I have a feeling that if Amit Shah’s daughter-in-law or Narendra Modi’s or Mohan Bhagwat’s grand nieces are molested by Islamists it won’t bring their cold frozen blood to boil. 

They seem to have an inherent fear of taking on Islamist marauders, Christian bigots, Vatican’s marketing agents, Commie traitors, rogue judges and Chief Ministers, and presstitutes. 

They abandon those who brought them to power,  leave them at the mercy of marauders, rogue police officers, political goons and Islamist lumpen and killers. They don’t even care to provide protection to Hindu activists constantly under threat. They let them be humiliated, hounded and killed.  

Not that I ever trusted NaMo to actually have that 56 inch chest, but I still believed that he would have his ears to the ground and devise a solid and smart response to the devious lot. It has not happened in the past 6 years. Apart from diluting the Article 370, nothing else has been done by him to address the real issues facing our body politic. Though he misappropriated the credit of Ram Janm Bhoomi judgment, he had little to do with it.

Similarly, not a single case of corruption was initiated by him. He remained a bystander and his inept ministers and bureaucrats failed to prosecute any of the cases successfully. 
Where does your writ run Shriman Pradhan Mantri Ji? Nowhere except with Hindus and some nationalist Muslims and Christians. वो ताली भी बजाते हैं, थाली भी बजाते हैं, दिया भी जलाते हैं, घरों में चुपचाप दुबक के बैठते हैं कि देश एक महामारी से बच जाये। वो टैक्स भी दे देते हैं जिसे अाप बांटते फिरते हैं बेईमान अौर धूर्त जिहादियों को जो मुफ्त के माल पर मजे उड़ाते हैं।   

And what do they get in return? Nothing. Neither this nation is secure nor are its borders and people. It’s constantly subjected to the blackmail of Islamists on whose tune your Home Minister and you dance like eunuchs. Your minister of Minority Affairs does not even tell you the incendiary conspiracies being hatched in Islamist ghettoes. However, he ensures his Ministry is well-funded to distribute largesses to the Islamist network.  

You make laws but cannot enforce them.  You let Islamists block roads for months. You have emboldened Mullahs, Maulavis, Islamist lumpen and ISI/Paki sleeper cells to the extent that more and more areas are turning into no-go zones in Indian cities. The writ of Indian police does not run in these areas where every Indian law is openly and brazenly flouted. Most of the Muslim shops and eateries don’t pay GST by design. The Muslim middle class is also tax averse. The Islamists run a parallel  economy.  They prefer to bribe officials and carry on with their illegal trade than to run legitimate businesses. The contraband trade in India is more or less their exclusive domain. The result is they have no fear or respect for the law and its enforcers.

It’s common sight all over India now, policemen and women being insulted, beaten up, killed, and chased out of Muslim localities yet it does not seem to affect the cool cowardly demeanor of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister of India and the Chief Ministers of various states. The situation is far worse in non-BJP states but only slightly better in BJP states.

Here are the links to my old blogs on this subject.

Amit Shah ji, if miscreants and goons stop respecting and fearing the uniform, you won’t be able to maintain law and order in a nation like India

Either Amit Shah or Hindus must respond to Islamist challenge on streets to contain violence

An entire community is acting like a mafia here and does everything possible to hurt the larger interests of society, puts itself above Indian laws and yet uses them to browbeat the system with impunity. The Prime Minister and Home Minister of India watch this happening helplessly and fail to take decisive action. In this kind of hopeless scenario, the status of non-Muslims is worse than a ‘Dhimmi’ or ‘Zimmy’ in India. 

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah don’t have to institute an enquiry commission to assess the ground reality. It’s all there to see. It’s an everyday occurrence on streets. They don’t even have to seek the feedback of their inept Intelligence Bureau (IB) or state CIDs and vigilance apparatus to know the reality. In fact the Social Media supplies them with the necessary intelligence and grass roots feedback every second, minute and hour if they care to pay heed to it.

Now a new phenomenon has begun to emerge. Muslim vendors and delivery boys have begun to lodge complaint with the police that Hindus are discriminating against them. It’s obviously not as innocent as it looks. It’s again a deliberately planned subterfuge of the Islamist mafia to browbeat Hindus. At Mumbai’s Mira Road suburb the delivery boy Barkat Usman Patel knew the law and how to create fake evidence to implicate Gajanan Chaturvedi under Section 295 (Deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class).

Who taught the delivery boy this trick? It’s obvious that there is a well-oiled deep-rooted network of Islamists indulging in these shenanigans. It has lawyers, retired police officers, educated jihadis, and Mullahs. If you recall, during anti-CAA protests in UP Muslim lumpen were video-recording every word spoken by police officers and at times even provoking them to resort to coercive action and typical ‘pulisiya’ behaviour.

The alacrity with which some of the police officers attend to these cases also amazes me. Arnab Goswami, the famed TV journalists, goes to a police station to register an FIR. He has to wait 10 hours, whole night, to get his FIR registered. Barkat Usman Patel, a delivery boy, goes to Kashimira police station and his complaint is registered in no time and the Senior Inspector Sanjay Hazare makes an arrest instantly without even investigating the case properly.

In the latest case of police alacrity in Jharkhand, Hindu vendors displaying Hindu symbols on their carts were told to shut shop as soon as a Muslim posted a few pictures of the carts and tagged Jharkhand CM in the tweet. Even in BJP’s Raghubar Das’s regime a girl was arrested and asked to apologise for her ‘legit’ rejoinders to insulting posts on social media on the complaint of a crooked Muslim. A judge had asked her to distribute Quran as a penance. The police officer in the case was an Islamist.

Not just in Maharashtra, such arrests over not buying from Muslim vendors, or criticising Tablighi Jamaat, have been made in BJP ruled states like Gujarat, UP,  Bihar, and Karnataka. There is a definite pattern and a crooked plot here to harass Hindus and mock them and put them on the defensive and the Police seems to be complicit in such plots. I’m dead certain that there is a network of Islamist, Commie, Congi, and Christian IPS and IAS officers that’s working in cahoots and indulging in harassment of Hindus. 

On the other hand, there is a small-time Bollywood actor who constantly hurts Hindu sentiments and religious feelings and Mumbai police takes its own time to register a complaint and act. The goon is arrested and released instantly. He comes out and posts a video mocking the police and Hindus. This used to happen even when Devendra Fadnavis was the Chief Minister.   

Kinnar Naresh Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are immune to insults hurled at them. It’s all right. They can keep mum. It’s their prerogative. They can even keep mum when the women in their own families are molested and hurled abuses at. They can even forgive the molesters following the Gandhian spirit.  No issues there.

However, when Islamists mock Indian laws, defy our security forces, beat up and kill our police personnel, and dishonour and demean the majority community, it’s no more the personal matter of Modi and Shah. It’s the molestation of Mother India. 

And since they have allowed that to happen, my disgust for them has grown manifold. Whenever I look at them I feel as if I’m looking at some well-dressed eunuchs. May be I’m wrong. I would like to be proven wrong. But I know RSS and BJP organisations too well. I know their cowardice. I wrote about it too. Here is a link to an earlier blog.

ऐसा लगता है कि संघ शाखाअों में योद्धा नहीं बल्कि महा-दब्बू, अत्यंत सेवाभावी, अौर अात्मसम्मान विहीन कार्यकर्ताअों का निर्माण हो रहा है

I recall the agitation of Baba Ram Raheem supporters. I can never forget the video that showed a lone old man bending down to pick a stone or something and how BJP’s Manohar Lal Khattar’s police shot the old man dead. Dozens of agitators were killed in that agitation. Khattar was implementing the orders of the obviously partisan judges of Chandigarh High Court in letter and spirit, letting his police loose on agitators.

Contrasts this with Jamia and other protests. The police let the Islamists have a free run. A very well funded and organised Islamist network ensured that the Islamist goons and lumpen get away with their shenanigans. They burnt buses, attacked the police with murderous intentions, indulged in organised arson and Amit Shah’s Delhi police treated all this as normal. It was obviously restrained by the political leadership that fails to realise that inaction of the police force and condoning the acts of arson and illegal blockades further emboldens the miscreants and their backers. They stop fearing the police and escalate their subversive agenda to the next more dangerous levels. 

It’s also getting evident that a section of police officers and civil servants has turned rogue, sympathises with law breakers and indulges in sabotage from within. They must be identified and their activities monitored closely. They are and indoctrinated lot, ideologically or otherwise. They should not have gotten into IAS and IPS in the first place. Moreover, the stooges of the UPA regime still survive in key positions because of the indecisive and soft political leadership. They too, like the lumpen, get emboldened and begin pushing the envelope of subtle insubordination further.

So, ruthless and decisive action is what’s needed here and political correctness should be the least of the worries of the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India. None trying to cock a snook at Delhi should be allowed to get away with it. The authority of the Central Govt. must be reestablished and the Prime Minister should not let his fetishes like ‘federalism’ compromise on grass roots governance. The states must not be allowed to take the directives of  the Central Govt. lightly.

What is most important here? NaMo, Amit Shah, RSS, Mohan Bhagvat and other leaders of the Sangh Parivar must pay heed to the Hindu resurgence at the grass roots and devise their policies, programmes and plan of action accordingly. Hindus have increasingly begun to have this sense of great betrayal. The silence of NaMo, Shah and Bhagwat on the harassment and persecution of Hindus on one pretext or another has begun to generate revulsion and disgust. The rhetoric of ‘Sab Ka Vishwash’ irritates us.

The only way to keep the Islamists under control is to unite Hindus and nationalists. After that a clear message must go out that they will not be allowed to get away with challenging the might of the Indian state and cock a snook at it. The rogue CMs and bureaucracy must get that message too. 

And above all, Modi, Shah, Bhagwat, and their ilk must firmly stand with Hindus and nationalists in good or bad times. That’s the first prerequisite of a good leader. He cares even for his foot-soldiers and does not treat them as cannon fodder. Hindus and nationalists have had enough of their ‘pulpit preachery’ and ‘sermonising’.  

Rajesh Kumar Singh

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