The Highrange Development Society(HDS) has been caught converting many local tribals to Christianity by the Legal Rights Observatory, a watchdog for monitoring the illegal conversion activities by NGOs under the garb of social service violating Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA). The HDS is an official arm of the Department of Social Works of the Diocese of Idukki in Kerala. Notably, the HRS hides its illegal evangelical activities by ostensibly calling itself a “secular service society”.

The HDS received Rs. 7.31 crores through Foreign Contributions and used the funds to illegally convert many local tribals which is a gross violation of the FCRA rules. The HDS has in the past made derogatory remarks about the local tribe Muthuvans.

Muthuvans are ancient tribals, very independent people and having unique traditions and culture living off forest produce. There is a legend narrating the history of these people as very loyal subjects of the royal dynasty of Madurai in Tamil Nadu. When the city of Madurai burnt due to the curse of Devi, the Muthuvans carried the idol of Madurai Meenakshi, deity of the royal family to Travancore in central Kerala, by carrying the idol of Devi Meenakshi on their shoulders, hence the moniker Muthuvan (which originates from the Tamil word ‘Muthuku’, which means shoulder). The Christian missionary organisations routinely target ancient indigenous tribals and convert them fraudulently.

The HDS is also funded by another notorious organisation called Caritas Internationalis. Caritas is an arm of the Vatican it was founded in 1897, is a confederation of 165 Catholic Relief organisations and operates in 200 countries across the world. In India it partners with 350 NGOs and claims to have 2,50,000 volunteers.

Caritas was found indulging in anti-national activities, launching the infamous Church driven protest against the Kudankulam nuclear power project and involved in funding political activities which are gross violations of the FCRA rules. The Home Ministry had therefore in 2015 put this organisation in the FCRA prior permission category. Prior permission means foreign funding cannot come directly into the account of the recipient NGO as the RBI has to route every fund through the Union Home Ministry which decides whether fund can be released or not.

The Legal Rights Observatory has filed a petition against these dubious traders of Jesus, who indulge in fraudulent conversions of innocent tribals, then indoctrinate them against Hinduism and Hindus to make them believe that Hindus are their worst enemies and oppressors. Once enough hatred for Hindus is created in the minds of these indigenous people, they are used as foot soldiers to further their master’s agenda sitting in western countries to subvert the economic, agricultural, clean energy generation, industrial development policies of the Government under the garb of environmental or tribal rights. These innocent people are incited by their local evangelical handlers like the HDS and Caritas to create riots and mass scale destruction in which many of these tribals and police personnel die. So, it’s a cheap investment for vested interests inimical to the growth and development of our nation to fund conversion of these indigenous people to Christianity by taking advantage of their vulnerability.

It is hoped that the Ministry of Home takes due notice of the notorious evangelical activities of the Highrange Development Society linked with proved mischief makers and riot inducers Caritas; cancels the FCRA license of these organisations, blacklists them and prosecutes them for fraudulent conversions and organising fake paid protests detrimental for nation’s security and energy sufficiency.  

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