A heartrending video of a young Muslim woman, Hina Khan from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh has surfaced in the social media, where she can be seen pleading for help from CM Yogi and PM Modi to save her from the domestic harrasment and torture of her husband and in-laws for dowry.

The viral video in social media platforms has been reported by Muslim Mirror from its twitter handle.

In the video message, she says tearily, that she does not want to end up like Ayesha due to dowry harassment by her husband and his relatives. She says she has tried to lodge complaint against her husband and his relatives at the local police station, but could not as they were seeking bribe from her.

She weeps and says one needs money to even lodge complaint and get justice, one has to engage good lawyers to get due redressal.

The Organiser reports that Hina married Sufiyan in April last year. After three months her husband and his relatives started demanding money and started mentally and physically harassing her.

Soon after her marriage, she found that her husband was involved with some other lady romantically. When she insisted that he breaks his relationship with the other woman, he demanded money from Hina to cut off his illicit affair. Hina’s family paid him money to break away from his illicit relationship.

Hina’s husband and his family then started demanding more and more money which Hina’s family could no longer afford to pay. So, her husband and her in-laws started to torture her mentally and physically.

In the video the young woman says she does not want to become a Ayesha Banu and wants to live, but is desperate as she has no one to help her. Her last hopes are that her video seeking help reaches CM Yogi or PM Modi so that she can get some succour.

Notably, Ayesha Banu was a young woman from Ahmedabad in Gujarat who committed suicide in February this year. She recorded a video blaming her husband and his relatives for mental and physical torture, before she jumped into the Sabarmati river.

The Organiser reports that after the video was released on social media, her matter was noticed by the police promising prompt action and investigation.

News input and image source: Organiser

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