Students Force Girl To Apologize After Ruckus:

After the statement of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, the heat of the controversy that started in the country has reached Punjab. There has been a big controversy in CT Institute, a private educational institution in Jalandhar in Punjab. In fact, this controversy started after a student of the institute put a post in favor of Nupur Sharma. A Hindu student from Jammu studying in the institute had posted on social media on Friday night in favor of Nupur Sharma. This enraged the Muslim students studying in the institute and all the Muslim students created a ruckus in the institute.

Forced Apology

All the students studying in the institute are being told from Jammu and Kashmir only. According to the information, the situation became so tense that the police force had to be deployed in the institute. It is alleged that some Kashmiri Muslim students studying in the institute misbehaved with a Hindu girl, after which the Hindu students came in a lot of panic. This entire dispute started late on Friday night around 12 o’clock and continued till 5 in the morning. The Muslim students of the institute also forcibly asked for an apology from the Hindu student. Not only this, the police and the management of the institute also blamed the said Hindu girl in this entire dispute and held her wrong.

Uproar on campus – 

Seeing the crowd of Muslim students, the Hindu students studying in CT Institute got panic. Several students, on condition of anonymity, told Zee Media Network that Muslim students created a ruckus throughout the night and created a tense atmosphere. Those students shouted slogans loudly and ransacked. The atmosphere became so tense that the Hindu students had to hide for their safety. According to the information, after apologizing by pressurizing the student who put the post in favor of Nupur Sharma, this dispute was resolved. The PRO of the institute, Kanwarpreet, admitted that Muslim students from Kashmir created a lot of ruckus on the campus at night.

Assault on youths – 

Muslim students alleged that a Hindu girl belonging to Jammu has posted a social media post in favor of Nupur Sharma and the controversy will continue till she apologizes. The tension increased so much that the institute management had to call the police in the campus. A source in the institute said that several youths have been assaulted and have sustained severe injuries. This is not the first incident in this institute, but in the past also CT Institute has come in lime light. About 4 years ago, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir Police had arrested three terrorists belonging to Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind (AGH), a Kashmiri terrorist organization affiliated to Al Qaeda, from the hostel of this institute. The three arrested at that time were accused of running a sleeper cell of Muslim terrorist organizations for three years.

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