Every year before major Hindu festivals we find some so-called entertainers making vulgar comments or jokes about Hindu Gods. Usually it happens that at least 3 or more of them make these jokes at different events. And suddenly their short videos also make the rounds on Social Media.

Till today I have never seen short videos of the jokes of any other comdey acts making the rounds on SM or Twitter. So I’m quite convinced that these insulting videos are circulated as per plan.

Every year, Hindus end up threatening the jokers with court cases, police complaints and sometimes they get a slap or two or physical threats. Usually these people who slap are called “goons” by the Main Stream media. Then these people apologize by saying “IF I have hurt anyone …”. And every one is happy with that.

Then we see the same old messages about how Hindus are peace loving and if it were the Ms, the jokers would be dead. Someone needs to do research on how many Hindus are killed ruthlessly after this using the pretext that he/she has spoken against the Prophet. Last year it was Kamlesh Tiwari if I am not mistaken. Every year atleast one person is killed using this reason.

Till the next festival and these scenes are repeated again.

Adharma cannot be defeated by a pliant Dharma. Dharma has to be applied in a way as to destroy Adharma, not be fooled by it. Is it not imperative that the Police, Judiciary and Legislative work upon a solution to stop this vulgar display of “freedom of expression” which works only against Hindu Dharma?

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