Today Shekhar Gupta and his fake news agency ‘The Print’ has again tried to sell fake history supporting Akbar and Mughals and even went ahead to justify Jizya shamelessly.

‘The Print’ has published an article today that tries to narrow down mass murders and loot and rapes by mughal only to the issue of Jizya tax. The article titled “Yogi Adityanath’s Mughal hatred based on Jizya. But BJP has many modern versions for Muslims” is pure fiction and one more shameless attempt to hide brutal mughal history of mass killing in the name of religion.

Shekhar Gupta is a well known ‘Hindu Hater” and his fake news agency “The Print” is known for putting fake history and fake facts against hindus everyday.

In today’s article ‘The Print’ tries to show Akbar as some great ruler with zero religious bias. Truth is Akbar was an islamic terrorist and a declare Ghazi.

Akbar was famous for killing hindus, acharyas, Brahmans and insulting them for being Hindu.

Akbar had slaughtered more than 30000 unarmed captive hindus after the fall of Chittorgarh on February 24, 1568.

Terrorist mohammad Akbar created a tower of heads by killing thousands of hindus. He created this tower to invoke fear in the minds of common hindus.

Hindu men were killer and hindu women were rapedand forced into sex slavery in harem of Akbar.

Jizya a tax for not being muslim was very common in one way or other during entire Mughal history. Mughals were ISIS of their time and any attempt to make them look soft or moderate should be seen as one more attack on Hindus.

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