The Times of India, popularly monikered the TOI-let paper for no less reason, deliberately suppresses the religious identity of the prime accused and conspirator in the Ghaziabad’s demonic multiple murder and torture of 3 young children for loot case which occurred on Saturday evening.

The TOI deliberately tries to pass off the prime accused, a Muslim “Mohammed Sonu” as simply “Sonu” repeatedly in its report. The Times Of India reports the name of the Muslim “tailor” boyfriend of Uma who authored a dance of gory torture of three young children and shot dead their mother and 17 year old tutor, which even devil would be ashamed of as simply “Sonu” to mischievously let him be portrayed as a Hindu.

A Highlighted Graphic Of The Times Of India Repeatedly Deliberately Referring To Prime Accused “Mohammed Sonu” As Simply “Sonu” In The Ghastly Ghaziabad Double Murder and Torture of Three Young Children Case.

For the naysayers who argue that crime is crime whether it is perpetrated by a Hindu or Muslim, it is to be noted that there is a deliberate pattern to either completely not report about crimes committed by Muslims on Hindus or even fellow Muslims, who hail from lower castes like Pasmanda etc. and only highlight Hindus are violent criminals and rapists.

Even crimes like rape committed by Muslims on Hindu women are deliberately passed of as Hindus. Muslim self-styled Godmen raping Hindu and Muslim women are depicted deliberately as Tantriks time and again. Whenever Maulanas rapes young girl students in madrasas, either the Times Of India chooses to not report at all or they deliberately put images of a Hindu sage in Saffron clothing attacking sexually young girl children and women.

When intolerant jihadi families of Muslim girls marrying or being in love relationship with Hindu boys, murder the Hindu boy, the incident is as usual not reported or played down as some murder due to property dispute etc. and not as religious bigotry.

The said case in Ghaziabad is another such incident where Times Of India tries to mislead the identity of the perpetrator as, questions would be raised whether Uma went rogue due to “Love Jihad” by Mohammed Sonu, to drive into despicable crime of attacking her own friend and her children with a view to loot her friend’s family of their cash and jewelry.

As reported by the Opindia, on Saturday night, the Masuri police apprehended two accused, namely, Mohammed Sonu and Uma Singh for the torture of three children and murder of a teenager and a woman at Saraswati Vihar locality in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Reportedly, the victims were identified as Dolly Thakur (32) and Anshu Kumari (16). Dolly, a resident of Saraswati Vihar, was at her house with her three children. Anshu, an Std IX student and a private tutor who was also a tenant in Dolly’s house, was teaching the three children at the time of the incident. The accused 30 year old Uma, who happens to be a distant relative of Dolly, had planned to rob the victim along with her 28 year old Muslim boyfriend Mohammed Sonu.
The duo visited Dolly’s house at 8:30 pm on Saturday and engaged the victim in a conversation. After having tea, they bolted the doors from inside and overpowered Dolly at the gunpoint. Sonu then shot Dolly in her abdomen and the teenager Anshu in the head using a .32 calibre pistol. The accused then tried to kill a 5-year-old Rudra and his two nine-year-old sisters, namely, Gauri and Minakshi. However, Sonu’s gun got jammed and he instead resorted to brutal torture of the three children.

Case registered against the accused, one of the tortured child victim is in a critical state. The culprit inflicted near-fatal injuries to the children with a screwdriver, followed by a grinding stone and a knife.

Uma and Sonu then fled the crime scene, leaving them badly injured. Dolly’s husband Mahesh Thakur and her father-in-law returned home at 9:30 pm from work, only to find her dead and the three children in an injured state. They then registered a complaint at the Masuri police station. A seperate complaint was also registered by Dolly’s family.

An FIR has been registered by the cops against Uma and Mohammed Sonu under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 302 (murder), 307 (attempt to murder), 380 (theft), 394 (hurt caused during a robbery), 411 (dishonestly receiving stolen property), and relevant sections of the Arms Act.

The children were rushed to Yashoda Hospital in Nehru Nagar for medical treatment. Doctors informed that the 9-year-old Minakshi is in a critical state while Rudra and Gauri are stable.
Accused Uma was arrested from her residence. The SP (rural) Iraj Raja reportedly stated, “The most important clue was given by one of the two girls, Gori, who told that ‘Amma’ (referring to Uma Singh) had visited the house. The children used to call the suspect woman with this name.” They also referred to Mohammed Sonu as ‘tailor uncle’.

Meanwhile, the police raided Uma’s house in Lal Quarter locality where she confessed to her crime. “Dolly was the granddaughter of my mother-in-law and her children called me ‘Amma’. We had been planning the robbery for long. Saturday night we went to Dolly’s house and also had tea there. Sonu later locked them in a room and he first shot dead the teenaged girl and then Dolly. Then, he picked up knife and grinding stone from the kitchen and hit the children,” she said in a video statement.

Cops nabbed Mohammed Sonu following an encounter. Unlike Uma, Mohammed Sonu had been planning to flee Ghaziabad. A total of five police teams were deployed to nab him. On Sunday, when he was spotted by the cops near Dasna, the accused open-fired at them. Sonu was injured in his leg, following a retaliatory fine by the police. The cops then recovered stolen cash, jewellery, a pistol and pressed charges against the two accused. The police said that the case would be fast-tracked and the testimonies of the children would be crucial in the case.

The police should also probe whether this ghastly crime was assented to by Uma and whether she started entertaining criminal thoughts in her mind under the influence of her Muslim boy friend. As many Love Jihad cases also lead the entrapped Hindu girl to take to crime along with their Muslim boyfriends. Notably, after the crime, while Uma did not try to flee from her home, Mohammed Sonu had fled home and perhaps planning to relocate elsewhere with a new identity and new victim. As for such Muslims, they get to ruin many Hindu lives just by targeting one Hindu girl. So, the Uttar Pradesh should probe whether this crime is part of a Love Jihad conspiracy in a new avatar.

Lastly. The Times Of India and its clones in the media should desist from suppressing crimes committed by Muslims and try to pass them off as Hindus as it is plain fraudulent reporting and misrepresentation of facts. No wonder they are called Presstitutes and monikered TOI-let paper for twisting facts!

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