A famous narrative you will often encounter on social media that Muslims don’t pay taxes because they just repair punctures in the local markets. They have no other business and jobs accept puncture repairing. However, the reality is totally different. If you look carefully, all the small-town markets are abuzz by the Muslim small shops and small business owners. 

Why because you didn’t realize and unknowingly you have fallen prey of being ashamed for your caste and caste-related skills that had been profoundly and proudly practiced by your forefathers. Let us start with hairdressers. Visit any market in any town or city in India, you will find maximum hairdressers as Muslims. Whereas this skill of hairdressing was traditionally owned and performed by Hindus and in local languages we called them ‘Nai’. Yes, they felt ashamed falling prey to caste propaganda and left this skill of hairdressing making space for Abdul, who is not ashamed of doing this work of hairdressing.

Similarly, ‘Lohars’ have left the ironwork. Now small ironwork such as welding in small markets is done by small shop owner Muslims. The ‘Rangrejs’ have left the clothes coloring work, the ‘Mochies’ have left the shoemaking, ‘Bajajs’ left the clothes selling, ‘Badhais’ left carpentry, ‘Telies’ left oil packaging and selling, ‘Gadarias’ left wool making, ‘Yadavs’ left milk business, ‘Dhobies’ left clothes ironing, ‘Halwais’ left sweets and snacks making, selling, ‘Malies’ left gardening and the business of perfumes, etc. There are so many other caste-related skills I would have missed to list here. And all these skill-based works have either now taken over by small business owners, skilled Muslims, who don’t feel ashamed doing the skilled work in small towns, or by capitalists such as Amul, Adidas, Urban Clap, etc. in big cities.

Even so-called upper caste ‘Kshatriyas’ have been systematically shamed by movies and educational propaganda that they have stopped learning the skills of war for the protection of dharma and society. The same is with Brahmins falling prey to caste and modern education propaganda that they stopped learning Sanskrit and Vedas. A Gita competition organized by ISKCON has won by a Muslim girl, not by any Brahmin.

Look close in your local market and assess how much small business is owned by Muslims at a time when Hindu youngsters are struggling to get the jobs after abandoning their own skill-based businesses. Therefore, they are now better equipped financially to enforce more of their Jihadi agendas. Don’t be in the utopia that jihadi Muslims just do punctures and they aren’t a threat to you or society.

Start working on your traditional skills if you have left them. Own them proudly and show the finest talent of skilled business owners. Start a business and rule the market while being at home. You will give jobs to other youngsters as well. No need to be a slave of others at the name of the job or Naukari. 

“Are Bhaiya Apne Kam Me Kaisi Sharam” 


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