Whenever one starts reading medieval Indian History, he is sure to notice one common pattern among the various time periods and battles of india. It is that since the beginning, Indian/hindu society has been divided in many ways, class and caste being the main ones and this has led numerous disasters for the Hindu civilization. On the other hand the enemies of India, be it the barbaric Islamic invaders , pakistan or India’s communist-marxist gang, Christian Conversion mafia or the other breaking India Forces, they have always worked together to break and destroy India. It is a miracle how Hindu civilization has survived and prospered through all this.

But survival is not what We should be looking for. It is time to unite hindus and expose the nxus that exists between all these forces- Islamists, communists, Missionaries etc. To learn from our mistake we can look at many Indian stories of kings and battles and understand why the brave and rightful Indian warriors,who followed Dharmayudh , lost many times to much lesser warriors and the deceitful & dishonorable muslim foreigner rulers. We should also look at the Hindu Kings that gave befitting replies to the invaders and defeated them. Our history is full of such stories that every Indian needs to know to prepare for taking India to the next level and crush all the enemies.

Why Many Brave Indian Kings and Warriors Lost and what we can learn:

From Rajputs of the western India to Other small kingdoms, there have been numerous Indian empires that have fallen to foreign islamic rule.
The biggest reason for this was the disunity between Hindu Kings . We all know how the armies of the Mighty Prithviraj chauhan defeated and humilated The dishonorable islamic fanatic Mohammad Ghori in the first battle of Tarain. Read here.

The great Prithviraj Chauhan

It was the kindness and forgiving nature of the Chauhan that made him forgive him and let him live. This led to Ghori retreating and attacking agian with bigger force on unsuspecting Rajputs,and defeating them in the second battle of tarain. You can read the full story of this intersting battle here.

This same way of thinking has been seen in the followers of Mohd. Ghori or the Pakistan Army, who regularly back stab Indian Army forces and attack innocent civilians or sponsor terror attacks in India. This is happening even after India defeated and humiliated them in 3 wars. If leadership of India was better than Nehru in those days and had we destroyed the pakistani armies completely in the 3 wars, this situation wouldn’t be there.

So moving forward we must remeber both these parts of medievel and modern independent india so that instead of allowing the enemy to grow stronger, we may end them whenever we get the chance.

Why Marathas,Sikhs,Ahoms were able to destroy the Mughals and other Invaders and what it teaches us :

The marathas, Sikhs , Ahoms and other kingdoms are remembered as the heroic saviors because of whom India isnt an Islamic country like the rest of centra lAsia from where the Invaders came from.

One main reason for the success of these Groups is that instead of fighting a respectable war, they chose to get dirty with the enemy because they had understood that these barbarians were not to be shown mercy.

So when Sikh Kings took control of Mughal Lands, they imposed Jazia like tax on muslims.Although they never harmed civilian and innocents like The muslim kings. Marathas too are known for their clever tactical approach because of which by 1800s they had almost taken over all of Mughal empire and made them their Subordinates.The guerrilla warfare specialist Ahoms used every trick in the book to keep the invaders out of their lands and as a result assam and neighbouring regions were never lost.

Shivaji Maharaja killing the cunning and decietful Afzal khan should be a great example of how to deal with cheaters and dishonorable men like him

These are the approaches we must follow if we have to engage in the new modern war for Indian/Hindu civilization that is going on. To show no Mercy to the enemy and to play every trick in the book to get the enemies of India broken.

Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji.
Jai shree Ram !

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