When India (not Bharat) was formed, it was divided into States largely based on the language spoken in those regions. We have had so many riots in the past because of this division either because of water sharing or misuse of resources and even disputes regarding border areas being claimed by the neighbouring State. One would think that these disputes were between countries and not between States within a country. If all this not enough, we also have people pitting people from one region against people from another region and unlimited insulting jokes on people from every single region. Incredibly we also have some Tamilians wanting to claim that they belong to a completely different race and that they are opposed to the Gods, language (mainly Hindi & believe it or not, Sanskrit) and even ancient scriptures of the rest of Bharat. Then we also have a sect of Shaivism called as Kashmiri Shaivism, even though the rest of Bharat doesn’t have Karnataka Shaivism or Bengal Vaishnavism or Gujarat Shakta(ism) or such. (Those who want to protest this, please remember that Kashmiri Shaivism is based on the Shiv Sutras or Trika Shaivism which is followed in other parts of Bharat too. In fact Abhinavgupta’s contribution in understanding Rasas in our traditional dance forms all over Bharat has been phenomenal.) This undue fractionalisation of our art, philosophy, texts and culture in a way to separate us instead of including all, has been the bane of modern India.

One of the outcomes of such division has been that Hindus of every region have had to fight their own battles without any help from Hindus of other States. Look at what happened to the Kashmiri Hindus. They faced genocide and yet, Hindus of other States did not speak against it with one voice, for many years. It was as if it was only their pain. In fact till today one hears voices quoting that they have to fight on their own and take the first step to go back to their land. Yes, the Government is doing its work, but unless all Hindus start realising that for peace to reign in Kashmir, for no genocide to happen again in Kashmir, all Hindus have to support, it will not happen. You cannot hope to keep Kashmir with only 10% Hindus living in one corner of every district … what will happen is that they will be sitting ducks for the terrorists. A repeat of this is happening in the other end of Bharat – in Kerala. Has one seen the video of Zakir Naik telling Muslims of all parts of India to do Hijra and settle down in Kerala to change the demographics of that State? The Kerala Hindus are already facing extreme situations there with no industries, land holdings in the hands of the Muslims and the Christians, galloping love jihad rates, CPIM induced ruthless killings of Hindus, land encroachment of Temples and more. But Hindus are blinded by Regionalism.

Recently Kangana Ranaut had a tiff with Shiv Sena, the party currently ruling Maharashtra. Guess how this was viewed? ‘Himachal ki beti’ against ‘Maratha’ pride. In Bengal a group of ladies protested the treatment given to Rhea Chakraborty by the news channels because she is ‘Bengal ki beti’. Does this even make sense? Mumbai is a melting pot of people from literally every region of Bharat and still the media and the common man find regional differences? How petty is this? Did you ever hear about UP Muslim and Punjabi Muslim against Maratha safety during the various terror attacks on the city? Did you hear about UP/Assamese/Haryanvi Muslim vs Delhi pride during the Delhi riots? No? Think why … only Hindus are shown perpetually as divided, and this is hammered into our sub-conscious till we actually live it. Yes, everyone has to fight their own battle and only then others will support – but in the fight for Hindus, who are the ones fighting and who are the ones supporting? If we continue breaking up our battles depending on the region where we belong to, we will be obliterated before we know it. As it is we are pitted against each other based on caste, then region, then political preferences, then secular/non-secular … how many more divisions before we get our act together?

Take Pride in your Uniqueness


Think as One. Fight as One. Be Hindu as One.

Don’t fall for the labeling of this as ‘Hindutva’. Protect your culture and heritage before it is obliterated. You owe it to yourself and your ancestors who never gave up protecting Dharma.

Ps: The Map of India includes Ladakh as part of Jammu & Kashmir, though now it is a separate Union Territory.

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