The world is witnessing a major shift in the the overton window towards the pro- civilizational voices and also watching the Hindus around the world unite against Hindumisia.

On 8th of January, hindus went on to mass report some YouTube channels who were spreading Hindumisia and were on a way of insulting Hindu Gods and Goddesses because of which positive outcome touched the feets of hindus. Out of these YouTube channels spreading hatred against hindus, 2 YouTube channels were being deleted within hours. The main purpose of these channels were to insult and spread hate against Sanatan Dharma. Still other YouTube channels exists which spew hate against Sanatan Dharma and Hindus.

Activist Anshul Saxena came up a tweet with the links of these Hindu hating YouTube channels by tagging youtube and made people aware of them. YouTube responded to the tweet of Anshul Saxena, it wrote “Thanks for reaching back out to us – our team is currently looking into these channels and will take it from here. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention”.


It is necessary for Hindus to show the same kind of resistance in order to make sure that Hindu hating people don’t come up with methods to insult Hindu Gods and Goddesses and spread hate against Sanatan Dharma.

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