There has been a sudden drop in the number of people visiting Ajmer’s Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s Dargah. Even on Bakrid, the area around the dargah looked deserted. Due to this, the hotel and flower business is getting affected badly. About 90 percent of the business has come to a standstill in the Dargah Bazar area. Traders are expecting a loss of at least Rs 50 crore. The biggest reason behind this is believed to be the controversial statements of Khadims.

In fact, except for the Corona period, every time on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the Dargah market of Ajmer used to be so crowded that there used to be trouble even on foot. But this time the situation is changing after the video of the controversial statements of the Khadims of the Dargah went viral. The number of Jairins (pilgrims) coming here has come down to very less in the last few days.

Now due to this many hotels and guest houses of Lakhan Kotri including Diggi Bazar, Khadim Mohalla, Kamani Gate are incurring huge losses every day, because people are not even coming to Ajmer to stay in these hotels and guest houses. The hotel business of Ajmer has also almost come to a standstill due to this.

Hotel manager Diwan Singh Rathod told Media that only a few rooms are full in the hotels of the city. Due to which the hotel owners are not able to meet even the daily expenses. As compared to earlier, only 10% of the rooms are booked in Ajmer hotels. Not only this, advance bookings made for hotels are also being canceled continuously.

Not only this, the rose flower shops in the Dargah market have also become deserted. Traders have become upset due to the sudden shortage of Zarines. According to the information, business in the Dargah market area has come down by about 90 percent. Earlier, only during the Corona period, the traders were upset due to the lock down.

Sweets business slowed down

Riyaz Khan, owner of Jannat Group of Hotels, tells a news agency that hate statements have started having a negative effect on people coming to Ajmer. Whatever happens in the country, it definitely affects the Ajmer market. Such situations have been created after the brutal murder of Taylor Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur. At the same time, Shadab Siddiqui, owner of Sohan Halwa’s famous sweet shop Khwaja Garib Nawaz Sweets, says that the earnings of Ajmer traders have come down by 90 percent.

Statement of the President of the Business Association 

President of Dargah Bazar Merchant Association Hotchand Srinani said that people are scared to come to the Dargah after the hate statements. Due to which other vehicles including the buses coming here are coming empty. The shopkeepers are sitting empty waiting for the customers. The association has  feared a loss of at least Rs 50 crore to the traders on Bakrid this time.

It is worth noting that till now, three Khadim of the dargah have given provocative statements regarding Nupur Sharma case, including Gauhar Chishti, Salman Chishti and Anjuman Sarwar Chishti. The relations of Khadim Gauhar Chishti with the accused in the Udaipur murder case, Mohammad Riaz and Mohammad Ghaus, have come to the fore.

Let us tell you that Salman Chishti, who announced to give his house as a reward to the person who beheaded Nupur Sharma, has also been arrested by the police. Here, recently an old video of Dargah Committee secretary Sarwar Chishti has gone viral in which he threatened to end the earnings of Hindus and shake India.

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