Muslim community is hell bent in motivating Hindus to completely boycott going into their shops. On 14th of September, Sarfraz Mohammad Wazir Khan, the owner of a non-veg restaurant operating in the Hodibangla area of Surat, Gujarat was been detained for serving beef to customers who came to eat non-vegetarian food in his hotel. It is Hindu organisations who reported the authorities as soon as they get to know about the matter. Hindu organizations reported thus to Lalgate police station.


After getting the information, police raided the restaurant recovered 60 kg of beef which was kept in the refrigerator. Following this, police called a veterinarian to the spot and took samples for examination and sent them to the Forensic Scientific Laboratory. On 14th of September FSL report confirmed that the material was beef and the restaurant owner Sarfraz Mohammad Wazir Khan was detained and a case was filed against him at the Lalgate police station in Surat. It needs to be noted that Ansar, the butcher who supplied beef is not yet caught.




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