As Russia’s military operation on Ukraine began, the US and its allies announced a series of sanctions against Russia, they accused Russia of violating international law by attacking a sovereign country which is true to some extent, Joe Biden even calls Putin a war criminal but if Putin is a war criminal then America is a bigger war criminal they invaded Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and many more But no one sanctioned America and this is the hypocrisy of western society.


Now coming to the point of this blog, how America is benefiting from the Ukraine-Russia conflict and its sanctions.


Just two days after Russia invaded Ukraine, Joe Biden ordered the release of additional weapons worth $350 million to the East European country through the Foreign Assistance Act. US directly or indirectly providing Stinger man-portable air-defence system and Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, Global stock market data shows that shares of Lockheed Martin, which manufactures Stinger missiles and Javelin anti-tank missiles, have risen by about 14%, General Dynamics shares jumped up to 11% and Northrop Grumman’s shares jumped to 13%, in addition to rising demands for weapons.

America is pressurizing India and Europe to buy oil and gas from them and very soon many European countries like Germany and UK will start buying oil and gas from America, this crisis will greatly increase US natural gas exports to the Europe which used to purchase more than 40 percent of its gas from Russia, America will get a huge market to sell their gas and oil.

This conflict will also hugely benefit the American military-industrial complex. As the conflict continues, the US, Germany and other NATO countries are providing weapons to Ukraine and more importantly, it has created great anxiety among the European countries about their security, subsequently increasing their dependence on NATO and ultimately on the US, People have to understand the thing that the war in Ukraine is less about Russia and is more about having EU dependent under US.

Conclusion, America certainly does not want this Russian-Ukrainian conflict to end soon because this conflict is a milking cows for them and that is why America is helping the people of Ukraine and its government by sending weapons and its retired soldiers to Ukraine.



By- Rupak Ghosh





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