Making facts sound stranger than fiction.

If you have heard of the work of an American Radio Engineer John H. Nelson who was called “short-wave Radio analyst”. He was an amateur Astronomer who had done lot of research on Sun spots.

In March,1951 he discovered that there is a disturbance in propagation of Radio waves due to different planetary positions and alignments in space at different angles in different positions which caused Sun spots and magnetic storms which in turn had an effect on propagation of Radio waves on Earth.

What caused this affect and reason behind it was not known to him. His discovery had gained lot of attention from people who were interested in studying ionosphere and in Astronomical circles it was a subject of interest.

“He failed to find enough correlation between the sunspots and the behavior of radio communications to be able to make predictions of more than a few days in advance, and in 1948 caused some comment in astronomical circles by reporting that the size of the sunspots is a “meaningless criterion” in predicting radio disturbances. The type of sunspots, their age and activity, and their position on the sun are the determining factors.”

“J.H. Nelson received acclaim from people all over the globe – from those who are interested about what is happening in the earth’s ionosphere. The acclaim is the result of Mr. Nelson’s achievement of 85% accuracy in predicting magnetic storms affecting radio signals. In this book, long awaited by the scientific community, Mr. Nelson discusses in detail his unique method of charting planetary angles to make his predictions.”

The discovery of John H. Nelson has changed the perspectives of our “Celestial mechanics” and our understanding of our Cosmos.

The pioneering work of John H. Nelson and the recent theory of Percy Seymour have modern scientists poised to alter their entire perspective on the celestial mechanics of the universe.

British Astrophysicist and Astronomer Dr.Percy Seymour has written 2 books on Astrology.

1.The Scientific evidence of Astrology

2.The Scientific basis of Astrology

Dr. Percy Seymour has earned master’s and doctoral degrees in Astrophysics and has served as senior lecturer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. He was a principal lecturer in astronomy at the Plymouth Polytechnic Institute in southwest England and director of the planetarium there. He is a respected authority in Cosmic Magnetism.

Director of the William Day Planetarium and principal lecturer in Astronomy at the University of Plymouth, Seymour taught gifted undergraduate students and conducts research in astronomy. In addition to Cosmic Magnetism, he is the author of five books: Halley’s Comet, The Scientific Basis of Astrology, Astrology: The Evidence of Science, The Paranormal: Beyond Sensory Science, and Adventures in Astronomy, a hands-on approach to building simple astrolabes, star clocks, and sundials. 

A chartered member of the Institute of Physics and Fellow member of the Royal Astronomical Society. 

His books sparked uproar in Science community and he was criticised for his theory on Astrology,Dr. Percy Seymour responding to such criticism said

“Of course I expected people to take objection to my theory,” Seymour concedes, “but I didn’t expect the reaction to be so vehement and irrational. Some of my colleagues here at the Polytechnic and at the Royal Astronomical Society simply dismiss the idea without reading the book or even looking at the evidence. Meanwhile, many other scientists, even respected scientists, have evoked the cosmos-the theories that are a little short of bizarre-to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs, or what have you. That’s all right. But propose a theory about astrology and people assume you’re mad.”

Below is the video where Dr.Percy Seymour is explaining the Scientific mechanism behind Astrology and how it works.

One thing which is observed is this Solar activity caused by different planetary positions and alignments in Space causes Solar wind to blow across the Earth’s magnetosphere where the Geomagnetism of Earth is drastically increased as noted by Geophysicists,these change in Geomagnetism is said to affect humans and many Biological organisms on Earth.

NASA Scientist Dr. Jane Blizard’s work has shown evidence that planetary conjunctions causes violent Solar disturbances which in turn causes the fluctuations in Geomagnetic field which affects the organisms on Earth including humans:

“Dr.Jane Blizard’s work for NASA showed evidence for heliocentric planetary conjunctions, oppositions, and certain 90° alignments giving rise to violent solar disturbances. Due to this, the fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field will change from 0.0ci to 2.0ci (ci – International magnetic character figure), as noted by geophysicists. This means earth’s magnetism will change depending on disturbances caused by solar magnetic wind. This change in earth’s magnetism will bring changes in human beings – as observed by Professor Yves Rocard [Laboratory Director of Physics at the Ecole normale superieure in Paris]. Rocard devoted 30 years of his life to the study of the sensitivity of humans to magnetism. He detected reception sites in human body at the arches of the eyebrows, at the back of the skull, at the hollows of the knees, near shoulder blades and under heels. These parts are highly sensitive to magnetism.”

Professor Balfour Stewart, who is the author of The Unseen Universe and has studied meteorology and the Earth’s magnetism, stated that there were many reasons for believing in the relationship between planetary alignments and sunspots. He declared, “If all these speculations are proved to be right, it means that we were totally mistaken about Medieval Astrology.”

Below link: It is a debatable topic in Science whether the human consciousness is connected to Cosmos or not.

Astrology supports the idea that human consciousness is connected to Cosmos. But the mention of the word “Astrology” makes Scientists go berserk.

So this concludes that man hasn’t still understood his Science better,there are still so many mysteries in nature where Science hasn’t proved the reason behind those phenomenon.

Our beautiful and colourful Cosmos is as mysterious as our beautiful and colourful Oceans,even though our Cosmos is more discovered than our Oceans. Mankind has not understood their nature still.

What blows my mind is that our ancestors knew all this. But what even more blows my mind is that “How did our ancestors able to understand all this during those ages?”

Once upon a period of time,both Astrology and Astronomy were same — they were studied as twin Science until both were split where one was accepted as Science and other as we know as Pseudoscience.

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