Demonstrations have been going on in Iran since the death of Mahasa Amini in police custody last year i.e. September 2022. The youth there are on the streets against the government for many rights. Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media in which a policeman is seen kicking and punching a woman without any reason.

In the video, the policeman can be seen attacking the woman.

The video has been shared by Masih Alinejad, a female journalist from Iran. In this the policeman comes running from between the vehicles and starts hitting the woman unnecessarily.

A policeman runs through vehicles before attacking a woman in Iran.

Other women ran away in fear

It can be seen in the video that on seeing the policeman running, some women start running, but one of them starts standing there and watching him. That’s why the policeman kicks him first. Then pushes him and slaps him too. The woman is shocked after the attack.

Meanwhile, another woman comes to his rescue. The policeman asks the woman to leave and then covers his face and runs away seeing other people coming there.

It can be seen in the picture that the woman was not wearing a hijab.

The women were not wearing hijab

It can be seen in the video that the women who were suddenly attacked by the police were not wearing hijab. Protesters wrote on social media that Iranian women were being punished for not wearing the hijab. He said that the one who beat the woman is the Revolutionary Guard of Iran. It should be declared a terrorist organization.

After rescuing the other woman, the policeman covered his face and ran away.

IRGC will not be declared a terrorist organization

There is a lot of debate going on in the EU on declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps i.e. IRGC as a terrorist organization. Meanwhile, on Monday, the European Foreign Policy chief said Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps cannot be declared a terrorist organization without court approval. However, the EU has imposed new sanctions on Iran for torturing and executing anti-hijab protesters.

In Europe, people can be seen demanding that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards be declared terrorists.

Know what is the Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran

The Revolutionary Armed Group of Iran was created in 1979 after the success of the Iranian Revolution. Its purpose was to protect the Islamic system there. The ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) is an army fighting for Iran on religious, political and economic fronts. It protects Iran’s interests amid domestic crisis as well as foreign threats.

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