The old saying goes “A friend in need is friend indeed” and is indeed true to every letter.

After Jawaharlal Nehru undemocratically seized power, the Gandhis have ruled the nation through the Congress Party. When an evil spirit haunts a person, his/her personality undergoes a drastic change. Similarly after Gandhis  undemocratically ruled congress, the true ideology of congress was changed to support the vested agenda of the Gandhis.

The Gandhis’ economic, social, foreign policy ideology is same as that of communists. Though the communists have always criticized the Gandhis, they have helped the Gandhis when they were facing existential crisis.

Hence, this makes me feel that communists want the Gandhis to remain seated as dictators.

The following are the 3 instances.

  1. 1967: On the issue of Bank Nationalization and others, Congress split in to two. Indira Gandhi’s Govt. was reduced to minority. At the nick of time, communists extend support and let Indira Gandhi survive. Had they not, the Gandhi dynasty would have become history in 1967 only. Indira Gandhi liberated Bangladesh and merged Sikkim to India. But during her reign, corruption skyrocketed, crores of Bangladeshis entered India and Jihadization of Indian politics became rampart.
  2. 1975-77 Emergency: During the emergency, Indira Gandhi made all attempts to destroy India’s democratic constitution by passing the 42nd  constitutional amendment and using MISA to crush the opposition. The Communists vocally oppose RSS/BJP. But they did not even murmur during the emergency, forget supporting the parties protesting the emergency. Had they opposed the emergency openly, then history might have been different.
  3. Sonia Gandhi’s reign: The Gandhis were out of power from 1989-2004. Being out of power for 15 years their financial might had greatly reduced. Had Sonia not come to power in 2004, she would be vanished from Indian politics. In 2004, Congress did not have numbers to form the Govt. The communists support the UPA Govt from outside. It is during this time (2004-9) all scams occurred, and Sonia looted enough to strengthen her financial might to rule Congress. After Sonia amassed enough wealth, the left withdrew support so as to preserve their “image” of being a tough opposition.  The left always criticize Indian companies, but never the Chinese.

Hence, it is important that people understand the true face of the communists.

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