Germany and Japan were militarily extremely powerful before WW II. After their disastrously defeat they were demilitarized and more importantly democratized.

Due to that, the world benefited as we have not seen a world war for last 70 years. Not only the world benefited, the Germans and Japanese themselves have benefited the most.


  1. Prior to WW 2, Germans had little say in Govt. Japanese were ruled by corrupt military dictators. Due to this, dissent was not allowed, people had no say in matters of Governance and more importantly big Oligarchs called the shots. But after demilitarization and democratization, things changed.
  2. In order to divert the public attention the dictators used to fight wars elsewhere to pump up parotitic fervors. Due to this their neighbors suffered. Not only that, due to the economic costs war brought, the Japanese and Russians themselves also suffered.
  3. Due to lack of change in leadership, the Oligarchs close to the ruling elite had full control over business. Due to this, not only customers suffered, entrepreneurship was lacking and free business was unheard of.
  4. All the plum posts were occupied by people close to the ruling elite.

The defeat of Axis powers came not only as a blessing for the world, but to themselves also.

Due to establishment of democracies and capitalism, we saw common men and women participating in Governance, monopolies breaking down, the Govt. getting concerned with real welfare of people and more importantly not fight wars.

Why is Putin fighting? Major reason is: he is extremely corrupt and wants to rake up parotitic fervor to divert attention of common people from his corruption. Same applies to China.

Today Russia is ruled by corrupt Oil oligarchs. They became rich just by being close to Putin. With Putin losing the corrupt Oligarchs will be cut to size.

Hence, it is important that Putin should lose badly in Ukraine. His loss in Ukraine will benefit the Russians the most.

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