This year, the chief guest of the Republic Day celebrations to be held at Rajpath in New Delhi is Egypt, i.e. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Since the beginning of Kovid-19, Egypt has been seen to be almost bankrupt. The total foreign debt is 170 billion dollars and the inflation rate has been around 25%.

The question in many people’s mind is why India, which has become the fifth largest economy in the world, chose Al Sisi as the chief guest on such an important occasion. What does India want and how will it benefit from it. Here we are answering some such questions.

Talking of history and the interest of the country

If we look at the history after independence, this will be the first time that an Egyptian leader is becoming the chief guest at the Republic Day ceremony. It has the largest population (about 109.3 million) in Arab countries. Egypt is the biggest voice against terrorism and extremism in the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). It has also been 75 years since diplomatic relations were established between India and Egypt.

There is a large number of Indians in Arab countries. The Indian diaspora is not only strong here, but is also respected a lot. After Saudi Arabia and UAE, India now wants to create credibility in the entire Arab world.

India has very good relations with all the Gulf countries and especially with Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain. They also have close relations with Egypt. Therefore, India can become a major military, IT and techno power in the Gulf countries. China is also trying to spread its foot here, but America and European countries want India to play a big role here.

Egypt’s hard times and reliable partner

  • The biggest problem facing Egypt is its deteriorating economy. Recently, it had taken a $3 billion bailout package from the IMF. Saudi Arabia and UAE stand firmly with Egypt.
  • When there was a food crisis in Egypt due to the Russia-Ukraine war, India exported 61 thousand tonnes of wheat. Saudi Arabia has recently given $ 5 billion to Egypt as a new loan.
  • Egypt’s currency pound declined by 50% since March 2022, but friendly countries did not allow it to default. The inflation rate has been around 25%. In December 2022, the foreign debt had reached $ 170 billion.
  • The countries of the world openly help Egypt because it is considered a trustworthy country. Egypt takes very strict action against terrorism, drug smuggling and extremism.

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