As long as hypocrite in the Society keeps bluffing the nation, The Government, Executive and Judiciary can do nothing. Kashmir can be a worthy reference point for Such analysis. While Problem of this nature is spread from Geography of Somalia to Pakistan, Kashmir is more India centric challenge.

You examine the pattern where ever Insurgency prevails, innocent and vulnerable gets killed first. In Kashmir, they were Hindus and Sikhs.  They were killed, property looted, faith dishonored and women raped.  After such ethnic cleansing, focus turns to mobilizing and establishing network of radical element.

On the top of radical element, you have suicide Bomber, hard core terrorist and at the bottom are the stone-pelters. Very vicious and hateful, they are potentially trained to grow and become terrorist in Pyramid on need basis.

To shield these radicals, there is ring of Civil Society, who are home grown sympathizer, advocators of terrorist Eco friendly system. They would protect all anti nation activities by trivialize the entire issue. Always aggressive on even perceived challenges.  They ensure the terrorist manufacturing machine must continue. Giving legal assistance, demanding humane rights, calling for constitutional freedom and sheltering behind fundamental rights are their primary weapon.

A Government machinery can handle radical element. The Military and police can eliminate handful of terrorists. But it can not handle this rogue civil Society, who ensure that militancy thrives and radicalism spread.  For a law-abiding nation, where constitutional supremacy dictates everything, such rogue civil Society are always safe and secured.

There is no law written to Punish a Society and criminalize Social intent. In the name of freedom and in the guise of ordinary citizen, such Civil Society have mushroomed in Kashmir. You cannot challenge them until you attend to the radicalization process happening at the gross root level. It has spread from education system to religious institution. Charitable institution to ordinary villagers is proportionately engaged.

The noticeable militancy surfaced in 90`s in Kashmir. It is almost 30 years, nothing has changed. Better equipped, viciously radicalized and more international support is the new normal. Domestic and international funds are flowing through these sympathizers.

Military alone can not relieve India from this cancer.

The Silent Society who are of course capable and in vast majority must challenge the status quo. They should prevail upon the state to amend the existing legal impasse where a Civil Society cannot be criminalized for it intend and behavior. Yes, criminalize entire Society or group of Civil Society for their visible intend and behavior. In colonial era, such practice was effectively executed in the interest of state. There are numerous studies in Asia and Africa where criminalizing a Society have brought reform and improvement in behavior towards State. You have to be assertive and impactful.  Learn to challenge and Punish a Society. The process will not be easy. It will be turbulent and Super sensitive.

If not done today, your generation may still die peacefully and honorably but perhaps not the posterity. Watch a worthy Movie – the Kashmir Files for revealing truth.

Just think.



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