Everyone must have heard of a question which is usually used to propagate a specific propaganda by Leftist- Islamist media. The question is “How it feels to be Abdul in India?” Or “How it feels to be Afzal in India?”. This question is generally raised in order to paint Hindus and Bharat with a black brush. To falsely show so how Hindus in India are persecuting innocent and peace loving Muslim community. But, let me raise this very same question in order to show what is the real situation and also to give the most precise answer to this everlasting question.

“Being Firoz in Bharat is no less than being a muslim in some muslim majority country”. Even this statement can’t really illustrate the privilege Firoz gets in Bharat. Even the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is no where near to Bharat in terms of giving privilege to the so called Muslim community. Saudi Arabia has restricted Aazan on loudspeakers and banned extremist organisations like Tablighi jamaat and also muslims are not allowed to offer Namaz in public places. Also Saudi Arabia being a Sunni majority country curtains the right of muslims who are Shias. But in Bharat, Feroz gets special rights which even the majority Hindu community is restricted to. Also keep in mind that Bharat is the oldest civilization which belongs to Hindus. Article 30 of the Indian constitution comes under “cultural and educational rights” which gives all the minorities the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice . It’s shocking that Hindus are not given this right. Hindus faced resisted two Abrahamic attacks but still Hindus are being restricted to open their educational institutions in their homeland.

Being Firoz in India gives you a lot of privilege. Being Firoz you can pelt stones and petrol bombs in the processions of other faith and in return the so called secular lobby, the flagbearers of human rights will come up running to pour a bucket of praises and label you as a “warrior of democracy”. Being Feroz, you can freely encroach land and illegally construct your beautiful building and the Honorable Supreme Court will make sure that no Fascist Nationalist disturbs you. The flagbearers of human rights like Brinda Karat will make Milkha Singh question himself in terms of speed with which she will run to protect you and your illegal home. Also being Firoz if you rape a four year old girl and take her life, Supreme Court won’t give you a death sentence but rather will go on to cite Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde’s famous lines “the only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. So basically, if you are Firoz and you raped a four year old girl and took her life, you will get to hear some beautiful philosophical lines filled with love.

PLEASE NOTE – The Supreme Court has commuted the death sentence of a man named Firoz who had sexually assaulted and killed a four-year-old girl in Madhya Pradesh in April 2013, to 20-year imprisonment. Did giving Life imprisonment to a rapist and murderer of a four year old girl also felt very harsh ??

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