Jacinda Ardern, a left liberal politician who became the Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017. She was widely applauded for containing Covid in New Zealand when the whole world was suffering from grave health crisis. Additionally, Jacinda Ardern’s loyalty to West is again worth applauding when she imposed strict vaccination rules on NZ’s public and tried those who spoke against it.

This strict vaccine program took her popularity away. Jacinda imported Pfizer vaccines in huge quantity and implemented strict rules. New Zealand police brutally neutralized many who spoke against Pfizer vaccines on the order of Jacinda Ardern. Not only this, She put restrictions on free speech to stop any anti vaccine voices n actively promoted WEF’s Globalist agenda.

Even though people began to die as a result of the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine, they did not discontinue the vaccination programme and continued to administer Pfizer boosters to children.

Additionally, to suppress anti-vaccine voices in New Zealand Jacinda Ardern called for internet censorship. She tried her best to suppress those voices but eventually it backfired. And Jacinda eventually had to resign.

Her popularity plummeted, and there were no chances that she would win the upcoming elections this year.

Inflation was also 30 years high, the crime rate was rising, and the country was heading into recession.

Jacinda Ardern in her final speech hinted, “I am leaving because with such a privileged role, comes responsibility. The responsibility to know when you are the right person to lead, and also, when you are not.”

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