Today the world’s largest vaccination campaign in India was launched by Prime Minister Modi against COVID-19, but we should know how Narendra Modi has emerged as a global leader in this one year.
Right from the beginning of COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been handling everything like a home elder whether it is meeting with all the states from time to time or contacting all the presidents of the world and convincing them that India will always Is ready to help you! Under Modi’s leadership, India has supplied hydroxychloroquine drugs to almost all the major countries of the world, so that Prime Minister Modi’s image has emerged as a global leader along with India.

The way he held frequent meetings and virtually thoroughly threw himself into this fight, it was no less, he withal interacted with people from all over the world and assured that we will win this war of the country.
The result of their visionary decisions is that India is in a stable state today, otherwise we should not forget how this virus caused havoc in European countries!
When it came to reinforcing the medical infrastructure, taking a drastic decision, he decided to cease the operation of the country but additionally opened up the economy when needed.
Today, when we have reached the turning point in this battle, we should recollect Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and this country will always be indebted to him and his visionary leadership.

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