Counter Propaganda Division, a handle on twitter exposed the disinformation campaign orchestrated by Pakistan and ISI of “Trolling Shami” with the active collusion and willing support of the Indian Leftists and Indian Islamists.

Counter Propaganda Division came up with a brilliant thread to expose this made-up propaganda.

Scene 1: High adrenalin Cricket Match between arch military rivals. India and Pakistan.Indian cricket team was bad on field and lost the game.Game of Minds Begin after the Match.Classic Bollywood Story : Muslim player blamed for loss, asked to prove loyalty to country.Media,Got the spice. Opposition, Got the Issue. Team India, Emotionally Bruised.INDIA, Failed to discern the psy war again.It all began when a Twitter handle @vaikivannavan posted the comments made on Md Shami’s post. Apparently the handle had somehow “PREDICTED” that Md Shami would be subject to abuse after the match.As per predictions, 16 Abusive Insta posts were made under Shami’s recent Insta update. Out of which 8 were targeted at his Nationality/ Religion. The remaining being generic. We did a thorough search on all social media platforms to find any other abusive posts on Shami.Even after the claim by Facebook that the abuses hurled upon Md Shami are removed (they actually meant the same Insta posts)We failed in finding any other evidence except for these screenshots. As claimed by Facebook the posts were deleted immediately, however few samaritans ensured that these abuses do actually reach Shami.The list of initial amplifiers include Fahad Shah who is Self-styled Kashmiri journalist, reacting with astonishing alacrity to spread the goodwill.

Scene 2: USEFUL IDIOTS! Now enter the “useful idiots” who helped in turning the seemingly irrelevant bot posts into a national sentiment.. (please note that they all are using the same screenshots)Note: Al Jazeera Producer Sana Saeed did a thread on it. This was the chronology of making a tweet of small handle popular without adding new fact.

Scene 3: The Solidarity Campaign Part I Solidarity kings/queens jump into the bandwagon (remember media needs the story and its column).Ms Barkha Dutt and Ms Arfa Khanum played their part.

Scene 4: From News to Views Ms Dutt dragged the entire Indian cricketing fraternity, who jumped to save their mate..(interestingly at the same time imVkohli was getting death threats and abuses at the rate of 1000 social media posts per min)

Scene 5: The Vultures Enter The Social media cells of Pakistan were waiting for this update.The classic amplification was done from here on.ONE Tweet…Yes! JUST ONE TWEET and a group of “useful idiots” gave them the necessary canon fodder. Finally, 8 Abusive Insta Posts from unknown (most likely) bot handles made it to International News of online harassment hurled at a Muslim cricketer in India.Not a single outlet has taken pains to give any other evidence of the abuses.These online campaigns are orchestrated keeping a very specific target in mind. Some are willing collaborators but majority are just “Useful Idiots” for the planners.While we were at Hindu vs Muslim,RW vs LW,Shami vs Kohli, Rahul vs Modi, they had already entered our subconscious.

Reality: Shami is one of the most loved Indian cricketers and will remain so. Players at international level are subject to slurs and abuses and are programmed to deal with it.Our enemies are exploiting our social fissures and WE are letting them do it.

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