After the death of Firoz Shah, the ruler of Nagor, His son Shams Khan became the ruler.

His younger brother Mujahid Khan expelled Shams Khan and took the throne for himself.

Shams Khan went to Rana Kumbha for help. Rana was already waiting to make Nagor his vassal state. He went with his army to Nagor,

Mujahid Khan fled without fighting. Shams Khan was placed on the throne as a vassal of Mewar and Rana asked him to destroy battlements of Nagor fort so that Shams Khan could not rebel against Rana.

After Rana went back to Mewar, Shams Khan broke the promise and instead of destroying the fort walls of Nagor, started to fortify them.

When Rana heard from his spies, he got very furious and assembled an army to march against Nagor. Shams Khan got frightened and giving the charge of the fort to his officer went to Ahemdabad.

There he asked Gujarat sultan, his help against Rana Kumbha. Shams Khan also married his daughter to Sultan Quttubbudin.

Sultan of Gujarat sent his army with Shams Khan to Nagor. Rana was waiting at Nagor and inflicted a crushing defeat on Gujarati army.

Some remnants of the army fled to Ahmedabad. Rana entered triumphantly in Nagor and put fire to lofty Mosques built by Firoz Khan, destroyed the fort, and filled its moat.

He imprisoned women and punished many. He captured all the elephants, released the cows from jihadis and made Nagor a grazing field for cows. He also put to fire all the religious establishments along the city and captured the treasures of Shams Khan

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