Ravina Misri (username- @Pianistinasaree) wrote a thread on her twitter account describing how students are brainwashed by Marxist professors in different Universities. She shares her own experience which she faced when she was a student at Delhi University. Here is the thread-

I am yet to watch #KashmirFiles but there’s a debate going on the “brainwashed” thing that has been mentioned in the film. I don’t know about other Unis but as a former DU student I have first hand experience of being “brainwashed” by certain professors. Thankfully I was a studious kid and always attended classes so my attendance was on my side but our professors used to give attendance threat for not participating in protests whether we knew about the protest or not.

Also, we were in 2014, directly told not to vote for a certain party. We were first time voters in LS elections and students got scared. There are much severe things that unfortunately happen in these unis. Thankfully! I escaped the brainwashed by keeping my mind shut . We had profs telling us in the name of ‘bashing patriarchy’ how this group of women used to climb on buses and pinch the asses of strange men to give them a piece of ‘molestation’ what men usually do to women in patriarchy (their words not mine).

So it is probably my 2nd or 3rd Sem and this Prof has her first lecture with us. The first question she asks us “Do you know Abu Ghraib?”Students stunned not knowing. Prof – “Anyone”. No one? .Prof shouts “You should be ashamed of your self…contd.” This is the most useless batch I’ve had knows nothing. Go back and research. See those torturous pictures on Google and you’ll know. Till then there’s no point of teaching you. The she says “Torture requires creativity”. I am not sure how this was relevant to teach ‘Duchess of Malfi’ play. That’s how they sow the seed of victimhood mentality. I googled and as an 18 year old I couldn’t sleep for days. It imprinted on me so badly. Students were shh. This is the kind of intellectual trauma and self depreciation 17-18 year olds go through continuously for at least 3 years. They not only start hating the country but also themselves .

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